Healthy Soy SandwichSoya Sandwich healthy Sandwich. Soya Sandwich is super healthy Sandwich for all health freaks. this Sandwich is low-calorie as its contain soy and Wheat bread is used. the inner stuffing of sandwich is filled with yummy nutrition soya mixture.

As I am a big fan of soya, so planned to make something different for breakfast with soya. the ingredients used are simple and easy to get normally in the kitchen. the soya chunks are high in proteins. Eating this sandwich will give the yummy taste with healthy benefits.

Spices in the mixture of soya can be balanced as per your taste. serve them hot.


Banana Strawberry IceCream

Icecream  Icecream 😀  we all scream for Icecream….. Banana Strawberry Ice Cream, only just only two ingredients ice cream Healthy, Vegan, Gluten free and Dairy free.
Here we have only two fruits Strawberry and Banana and this ice cream is the magic of these both lovely fruits. The softness and sweetness of banana and tangy twist of strawberry are the best combinations ever I tried. It’s super healthy as has no added sugar or any other artificial flavor. I tried this Icecream during my diet plan as I was not allowed to take any dairy product or any artificial sweet. This Icecream has helped me lot to satisfy my temptation for Icecream  😀
It’s summer special as during summer season we really feel all-time to

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Strawberry, Black Grapes Juice Recipe

juiceJuice Strawberry, Black Grapes recipe is a lovely combination which has beautiful taste. This drink can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. This drink is full of dietary fibers, Vitamin C, Antioxidant, energy booster and much more…

The first is Strawberries, this heart shape fruit gives the idea that this fruit is so healthy. This juicy fruit is enriched with full vitamins, fiber and lots…. It’s not only good for eyes but also helps to boost our immune system. As it is high in vitamin C it is good during Cancer. It helps to build our brain function, heart diseases, and blood pressure too and the list goes on.

Next is Black grapes, black grapes are the super cool fruit which you ca have

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Marshmallow Nuts Bar Recipe

Marshmallow Bar Marshmallow Nuts Bar recipe, Super easy bar recipe. Healthy and tasty dish for everyone. Only 3 simple steps and bar is ready.
This bar is full of Nuts which makes it healthy and fulfilling. A perfect square which is super tasty mostly liked by kids. Few steps and Marshmallow Nuts Bar is ready.

This dish can be made by kids with parents help. It’s No Bake Bar. Simple ingredients with simple steps. Marshmallow gives perfect texture, nuts and corn flax gives it a crunchy texture and final with the chocolate layer. It is a perfect combination with perfect taste.

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Pasta (Shell Pasta) Quick Recipe

PastaPasta recipe quick and easy meal to have any time. Pasta and easy??? yes, its super easy as this recipe doesn’t need any sauce or cream. It is prepared with just some basic ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen.

Vegetables of your choice and Cheese of your choice What else easy things we want 😀

Once I had very hectic day and when I came back I was so tired I was not willing to cook anything but wanted to have something very yummy

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Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha (Flattened rice)

Healthy Bowl Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha, Yes … a super booster bowl to energize your whole day. A simple satisfying recipe for breakfast. Ingredients of this recipe are simply amazing and can be found at home anytime. This dish can be served as desert also. Kids can enjoy making this dish as it’s no baking and effortless.

Each spoon of this bowl is filled with multi-nutritional values which can help you to be active with full energy. This super Bowl recipe was been given to me by my personal trainer while my weight loss

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Banana Puri with Kala Chana gravy recipe

Banana Puri with Kala Chana gravy Banana Puri with Kala Chana gravy recipe,  a perfect dish for holiday, occasions or festivals. Banana puri has a lavish flavor of banana and adding curd gives it a soft and bit tangy texture too. These puris are easy and very simple to make. Knead the dough with banana and curd puree same way we do with normal puri dough instead of water we have used banana puree.

I am serving this yummy puri with the authentic Punjabi Kala chana gravy. As it is been said that banana puri is

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