Spring Pulao

Spring onion pulao Spring Pulao delicious recipe for your lunch time or dinner too. Usually the spring onion are used to make curry or vegetables. Spring onion is super delicious vegetable, its one off my favorite vegetable. You can find poha recipe in my blog with spring onion. I just keep using it in different ways in different vegetables. This time i thought to use it in rice. Its usually used in Chinese rice but in indian style i made it in pulao.

Spring pulao recipe is my favorite because it has lots of spring

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Sandwich roll

15Sandwich roll / Bread roll recipe, best snacks to have with tea or coffee. It can also served for breakfast as its quite heavy dish. Children will love them to have in lunch box. Its very known recipe from north side.

Basically its called bread roll recipe but giving a twist and technically it has a stuffed sandwich process so i gave it name as Roll sandwich. The ingredients into it is so simple and easy that you can make it in no time.

I remember when i was child my mom use to make it for me.

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Lehsuni Poha

Garlic Poha Poha recipe is one of the most favorable and loved recipe for breakfast by maharastrian  people. Its also one my family favorite recipe. Usually its is made as Kanda poha or Batata poha were we use onion or potato into it, but giving it little twist i tried one of my favorite ingredient into it which is Garlic.

Yes Lehsuni poha, its so simple and yummy recipe. One bite of this poha will make you eat it more. its simple that you can make it in no time. Its best dish for breakfast.

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Choco Truffle

13 Choco truffle, delicious and best sweets for parties and festivals.

Chocolate truffle is curved shaped confectionery sweet filled inside with chocolates, nuts, fruits and many more. Its super delicious recipe. The dark chocolate gives it royal taste. When we freeze hem and get the final product is so mouthwatering that you cant resist yourself without having it.

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Guava Juice

6 Guava Juice, simple and best juice recipe. As per Wikipedia are common tropical fruit cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions. Besides its unique flavor and fragrance,guava has been hailed as one of the super fruits due to the numerous health benefits it offers. It indeed is a powerhouse of nutrients. “This humble fruit is extraordinarily rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants that are beneficial for skin.

Its mostly founded in Winter season. As its have lots of seeds into it sometime its really irritate to have it. so hunting out for some good solution i thought for the juice. Simple , quick and tummy filling.

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Curd Upma

Curd upma Curd upma, super delicious recipe made with best combination of onion, capsicum, curd and semolina/rava.

Its the easy and very knowingly dish, healthy, tasty and easy to make. mostly people use rava without roasting but i used roasted rava as it gives a smoky flavour to the curd upma recipe.

We can use any vegetables into it, make it as much as nutritious you want. I made it with simple 3 main ingredients which is vry much easy to get in kitchen.

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Curd Salad

curd salad Curd Salad, simple and easy to make. Its truly very delicious and exotic salad. Full of vegetable and simple dressing.

The combination of broccoli , capsicum , onion not only makes it color full but also have super delicious taste and the light taste of garlic make it more mouthwatering.

As curd is very health, we all knows the benefits of curd. It healthy for heart, also helps in lactose intolerant, boost immunity, helps in weight loss, great for skin, also helps to release stress and many more.

This salad is healthy, heavy, stomach filling with yummy taste.

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Veg Cheeze Toast

14Veg Cheeze Toast recipe step by step quick process with images to make more easy for you. Veg cheeze toast recipe is best appetizer, heavy and very filling. Best recipe to have in morning as break fast. Even kids can enjoy in lunch box.

This recipe is styled bit as street food, as i am big fan of mumbai street food. i have used brown bread in the process but can take any bread. As per health aspects brown bread  is best and it also taste something different.

This recipe is so quick with delicious taste can be made anytime easily. I

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Banana Pancake

 Banana Pancake  One of the yummy Soft pancake, my all time favorite Banana Pancake cake. These pancakes are made of with simple oats and bananas. The basic 2 ingredients.

Step by step enjoy this yummy banana pancake. I named it Banana pancake cake, because i layer them one over one and its looks like a cake.

Its healthy, tasty and easy to make. the best breakfast to have in morning.

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Red Chili Garlic Sandwich

 10 Red chili garlic sandwich recipe, its main punch is the red chili garlic paste/chutney recipe. its simple, quick and so easy to make. the spiciness of chutney totally depends on your taste. This chutney can be used in many other dishes. you can preserve it in fridge and use them any time.

Ingredients of this red chili garlic paste is so simple, only 4 ingredients garlic, red chili powder , salt and curd then you can enjoy the yummy paste.

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