Healthy Masala Mirchi

23   Healthy masala mirchi is a healthy combination of 4 pulses with tango, spicy masala, which is stuffed inside the big chili.

As we all are well aware about the benefits we get from pulses. Healthy Masala Mirchi recipe is the combination of 4 pulses in this recipe is something unique which we rarely find in any other stuffing  recipe.


Its not only just healthy but also super delicious. the smoky aroma after baking the chilies give it the wonderful taste. This yummy and healthy combination dish can be serve during any occasion in dinner or lunch.

So make it have it with your friends and family and enjoy the healthy dish.


COURSE:  Dinner / Lunch

SERVINGS: 10 Mirchi’s / big chillies

TIME:  TOTAL TIME : 60 mins

                PREP TIME: 40 mins

                COOK TIME: 20 mins



1/3 cup Green gram/ Akha Moong

1/3 cup Chickpeas/ Kabuli Chana

1/3 cup Black eyed beans/ Chawli

1/3 cup Soya beans

1 cup rough cut Spring Onion

1 cup rough cut Onion

2 medium size Tomato

8 – 9 Garlic clove

1 cup Coriander Leaves

Mint leaves


1 tsp Turmeric powder

1 tsp Coriander powder

1 tsp Garam Masala or as per taste

1 tsp Chat masala or Amchur Powder

2 tsp Oil

Red Chili powder as per taste

Salt as per taste

Foil paper




  1. Starting with the mixing of all the pulses mentioned above, soak them in water for atlest 4 hrs or overnight also will be good.
  2. After 4 hrs pour the soaked pulses in cooker, make sure don’t pour much water only little above to pulses.
  3. Now add salt and give it only 2 whistle. It should be little hard.

2 1



4. Till the pulses getting ready will cut the spring onion and onion.

5.  Cut them roughly or as per your choice.

3 4


6. As cooker gives 2 whistle, off the flame and let it get little cool.

7. Meanwhile will get our masala ready.

8. In a mixing jar add Cut tomato, Mint leaves, garlic, red chili powder, turmeric powder,  Chat masala/ Amchur               powder, Salt, Coriander powder and garam masala.

9. Now grind it finely and make smooth paste. If required add little water.

5 6


10. Now lets take a look to or pulses. open the lid carefully and with help of spoon just check all pulses are baked                  properly or not.

11. It should be little hard not much cooked. As you feel its done drain the excess water and transfer it into sieve                  utensil, so that no water remain into it.

12. Starting with the tadka, place a kadhai on gas and add 2 tsp oil. You can use any oil (Olive oil, Mustard Oil) as                 per your choice.

13. If your using Mustard oil make sure you heat it well so that its rawness gets evaporated.

7 8


14. As the oil gets well heated pour the tomato masala into it and mix it well.

15. Let it get well cooked on lower flame for 7 mints, now higher the flame and keep stiring. Now after few mins you           will see masala is well cooked and start releasing  the oil.

16. Now lower the flame and add spring onion into it and mix it well. cook it for 5 mins on high flame.

9 10                                                                                                       17.  As the spring onion get cooked it will decrease in quantity.

18. When masala and spring onion get mixed well add the boiled pulses into it and mix it well.



19.  Lower the flame and let the masala and pulses get well mixed, give a check with the salt as later on we wont be able to add it.

20. After checking the salt  and other masala is perfect, cover the pulses for 6 – 7 mints.

21. Now off the flame and add onion and coriander leaves and mix it well.



22. When masala pulses are done take them out in a bowl and keep it aside.

23.  Now take the big chilies wash them well and keep them aside for 3 – 4 mins as it get dry.







24. Now take the chilies and with help of knife tip point give a fine one cut to chili on side, make sure you do it very carefully. If you want you can do this step wearing  gloves.

25.  Now as you cut all the chilies, now the stuffing part.

26. With help of a spoon stuff the pulses mixture inside the chilies.

27. Stuff them well and make sure no space is left.

17 18

28. Now take the foil paper and roll each stuffed chilies with foil paper.

29. Now the important part baking the chilies. For baking these chilies you have many ways. i have grilled this, if you        don’t have grill you can bake them on gas direct flame. as its covered with foil it will not get burned or else you              can bake it in oven even. Bake them not more than 20 mins.


30. Now the tik tik time. let it get baked for 15 – 20 mins. after 15 mins give a check, if you feel its done then take them out.

31. Put them in severing dish and unwrap them while you serve them. till then keep them in foil only.

32. I unwrapped it for showing you the final picture.

21 22

33. The outer cover will get soft and the foil cover will give a smoky aroma.

34. Serve it hot with roti / naan with raita.

23 24


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