Churma Modak


Churma modak is one of my very favorite. As its made of only 3 ingredients and easy to make. Its tried and tested recipe. its really very yummy and Delicious.

Churma modak is very soft and full of sweet jaggery, the aroma of this modak make everyone mouthwatering.

Churma is one of very famous sweet from north india. All make it in their own way, some make it in dry pattern. I tried it in wet pattern.

Its modak will be something very different from your side to your friends and family. I made it specially on the occasion of ganpati.

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COURSE:  Sweet

SERVINGS: 11 Modak

TIME:  TOTAL TIME : 30 mins

                PREP TIME: 15 mins

                COOK TIME: 15 mins


1 cup wheat flour

1 cup Ghee

1 cup Jaggery/ Gur



  1. First will start with wheat dough. we need to knead the dough same as we do for roti.
  2. Will divide the dough in three big balls.
  3. Now with help of rolling pin will roll the dough and make big size roti , make sure it should be little thick then normal roti.










4. Now will heat the tawa and place the roti on hot tawa.

5. when you feel one side is done and see small bubbles , flip the roti.

6. Now as the other side is getting done apply ghee on the baked side.

3 4


7. Once its done from one side flip it and apply ghee on other side too.

8. When you feel roti is done and it gets brown in color with yummy aroma of ghee, place the roti in big plate for future process.

9. Now repeat the same process with other dough.

4 5

10. As the roti is getting done, meanwhile will place the ghee and gur over the roti which we had made earlier.

9 8


11. Now pour little ghee over the roti and jaggery over the roti.

6 7


12. Now repeat the same with all three roti’s and make the layer of roti, ghee and jaggery/gur.

8 9


13. As its done lets keep aside for 5 mins, so that it gets cool down little.

14. After 5 mins it will be easy for us to mash it properly.

15. You can see now the jaggery / gur also got melted well.

16. Now with help of your hand will smash the all roti’s well.

17. Make sure you smash it so well so that no pieces should left.

10 11

18. As its smashed well, it can be given any shape.

19. Now make 11 balls from it.

20. As you divide it in 11 balls.

12 13

21. Now give it a proper modak shape.

22. Repeat the same with all balls and serve it to Ganpati bappa and your family.

14 15




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