Gajar Matar ki Sabzi

 gajar-matarGajar Matar Sabzi recipe a very common dish of every home. Carrot and green peas dish its super delicious. Mostly people make it in dry but trying some twist i made it in gravy so that i can have this yummy dish with rice even.

Carrots / gajar and Green peas/ matar is the best combination vegetable. i added some cashew nuts into this recipe so the consistency of the gravy gets thick and the curd will make it tangy. its my own tried and tested dish. Flavor of dry spices plays the important role into it.

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Tomato Spring Chutney

Spring tomato chutney Tomato spring onion chutney is a very simple dish to make. The delicious red color chutney with greens on them is so tempting that no one can resist to taste it. Indian tomato chutney has its own unique taste. its little spicy and tangy taste. Red tomato chutney dish is best spread to have with any slices of bread, Naan or Pulao.

Green onion is also called as scallions or green onions. It has the pretty similar taste of onion. It can be consumed raw or can also be cooked. Make sure when you cook them wash them quite well as its a root vegetable filled with mud. Usually, people use spring onion in rice or mix with vegetable but I thought to give some change to it and try something new, so I planned to make the chutney. Trust me this spring

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Spring Pulao

Spring onion pulao Spring Pulao delicious recipe for your lunch time or dinner too. Usually the spring onion are used to make curry or vegetables. Spring onion is super delicious vegetable, its one off my favorite vegetable. You can find poha recipe in my blog with spring onion. I just keep using it in different ways in different vegetables. This time i thought to use it in rice. Its usually used in Chinese rice but in indian style i made it in pulao.

Spring pulao recipe is my favorite because it has lots of spring

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Curd Salad

curd salad Curd Salad, simple and easy to make. Its truly very delicious and exotic salad. Full of vegetable and simple dressing.

The combination of broccoli , capsicum , onion not only makes it color full but also have super delicious taste and the light taste of garlic make it more mouthwatering.

As curd is very health, we all knows the benefits of curd. It healthy for heart, also helps in lactose intolerant, boost immunity, helps in weight loss, great for skin, also helps to release stress and many more.

This salad is healthy, heavy, stomach filling with yummy taste.

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Methi Soya Paratha

23 Methi Soya paratha healthy paratha. Methi soya paratha is super healthy paratha for all healthy freaks. this paratha is low calorie paratha as its contain soya , methi and oil we using also olive oil. The dough is of methi and the inner stuffing of paratha is filled with yummy nutrition soya mixture.

As i am big fan of soya, so planned to make something different for lunch with soya. the ingredients used are simple and easy to get normally in kitchen. the soya chunks are high

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Veg Mughlai Paratha

9Veg mughlai paratha, its not any ordinary paratha. As all time have same paratha me and my sister were very bored, so she asked me to get some twist with the parathas. As i saw this Mughlai paratha recipe i found all recipes with egg and being a vegetarian i tried it to make Veg.

I used all vegetables which i got from my fridge, some cheese and paneer and started my experiment. It came so well and it tasted so yummy that i packed it for my sister and brother’s lunch.

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Grilled Dum Aloo



Grilled Dum Aloo recipe, quick to make simple step by step with images. Grilled dum aloo recipe is mostly to be serve during any occasion. people do have misconception about dum aloo to be very hard to make.

Below do find a yummy healthy and easiest way to make restaurant type Dum aloo. Its grilled dum aloo so health conscious can also have it. its oil free recipe, no special masala. simple ingredients with 40 mins duration to make.

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Vegetable Dal Soup


Vegetable Dal soup is best soup you can have it anytime. Its healthy soup as its full of all nutritional vegetables and dal. We can add any sprouts into it to make it more healthy. Best for the people on diet who got bored with all time usual salads and soups. This soup can be consumed during any diet plan as  its mouthwatering soup with full iron, calcium and more. even its filling and you wont feel hungry much after having it.

You can sever this soup with brown rice too.

Enjoy this soup in any season and be healthy…. enjoy…..

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Lauki Paratha

Lauki partha


Lauki/ bottle gourd / Ghiya is the vegetable which is never liked by kids, during my childhood even i never use to like it. some of adults still don’t like it. As we all know lauki is very much healthy. its consist 90% water which is very much helpful for or digestion. Ayurveda also recommend it to have in our daily diet.

Looking at it taste many people don’t like it. so here you can try this twist lauki paratha, so the healthy stuff is also gained by us and get something new to taste. serve it hot with curd or any your choice chutney.


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