Banana Strawberry IceCream

Icecream¬† Icecream ūüėÄ ¬†we all scream for Icecream…..¬†Banana Strawberry Ice Cream, only just only two ingredients ice cream Healthy, Vegan, Gluten free and Dairy free.
Here we have only two fruits Strawberry and Banana and this ice cream is the magic of these both lovely fruits. The softness and sweetness of banana and tangy twist of strawberry are the best combinations ever I tried. It’s super healthy as has no added sugar or any other artificial flavor. I tried this Icecream during my diet plan as I was not allowed to take any dairy product or any artificial sweet. This Icecream has helped me lot to satisfy my temptation for Icecream ¬†ūüėÄ
It’s summer special as during summer season we really feel all-time to

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Pasta (Shell Pasta) Quick Recipe

PastaPasta recipe¬†quick and easy¬†meal to have any time. Pasta and easy??? yes, its super easy as this recipe doesn’t need any sauce or cream. It is prepared with just some basic ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen.

Vegetables of your choice and Cheese of your choice What else easy things we want ūüėÄ

Once I had very hectic day and when I came back I was so tired I was not willing to cook anything but wanted to have something very yummy

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Banana Puri with Kala Chana gravy recipe

Banana Puri with Kala Chana gravy Banana Puri with Kala Chana gravy recipe,  a perfect dish for holiday, occasions or festivals. Banana puri has a lavish flavor of banana and adding curd gives it a soft and bit tangy texture too. These puris are easy and very simple to make. Knead the dough with banana and curd puree same way we do with normal puri dough instead of water we have used banana puree.

I am serving this yummy puri with the authentic Punjabi Kala chana gravy. As it is been said that banana puri is

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Curd Oats

Curd Oats Curd Oats best recipe as its healthy, easy and quick to make. Quick and easy dish for the working ladies. Its perfect meal and very healthy for kids to carry in lunch box.

We are well aware of the benefits from oats, it is loaded with  important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant. It can lower the cholesterol level, helps in controlling sugar level. So basically having oats in our day to day life is very much beneficial for us.

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Lemon Rice

Lemon rice¬†Lemon Rice most famous dish comes from South India. Its one of my sister’s favorite food. She is big fan of lemon rice. This dish is so easy and quick to make that in no time i serve it to my family and it get more easier if the rice is pre – ¬†cooked. ¬†Left over rice are very much suitable for this dish. Yes use left over rice. Best recipe for kids in lunch.

Lemon rice contains tangy, chili taste and curry leaves flavour gives it yummy. Ingredients are so simple. basic home ingredients are used to make it.

Raita and Papad is best to serve with it. It is an authentic dish from

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Muli Bhurji

Muli Bhurji  Muli Bhurji, special dish from north india. Muli/Radish ki sabji is so easy and quick to make. As we boil muli/radish so it takes very less time to get prepare. Usually ridish is used for salad, but sometimes radish are so sharp in taste that its hard to have them in salad. same situation was been faced by me so i thought of making something different and planed to make the bhurji.

Its just simple boiled muli dish sauted in indian masala. Ingredients are so simple and easily can get from kitchen. Muli paratha is very much famous and every one loves it. But trying something different is good.

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Raw Tomato Sabji


 Raw Tomato sabji, for yummy tangy super delicious sabji follow the simple step to step process and enjoy the recipe.

Tomato tangy sabji is spicy, tangy and sweet in taste. the basic ingredients is the raw tomato and jaggery. jaggery helps to give the sweet taste and thickness. this dish can be serve with roti, bread and rice. I love having this dish with rice and its so easy and quick to make that any time hungry i make it and have quickly.

My mom use to make this dish for me when ever unexpectedly i use to feel hungry. you can also use it as chutney with the main course.

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Gatte ki Sabzi


 Gatte ki sabji, very authentic marwadi dish. Its super delicious Rajasthani gravy sabji. Gatte basically gram flour / besan dumplings which is first steamed and then given lovely tadka.

Chickpeas flour are been boiled well and then fried which gives it crunchy flavour and and good consistency to gravy. For best gravy curd is been added. if you want can also make it without onion garlic too.

Its served mostly during special occasions. Serve them hot with rice, roti or bread.  Do follow very simple steps below with the step to step pictures.



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Ragi (finger millet) chutney

ragi-chutney¬†Ragi Chutney,¬†(finger millet) ¬†is been very well known for “Super Cereal” that control diabetes, cancer and lots more.

Finger millet / nachni has a very high protein content, its rich in source of minerals, it has anti Рmicrobial properties. Research also says it has anti Рcancer potential. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol and keeps you young.

When i got to know so many benefits about Finger millet / nachni i searched for the best recipe i can make. mostly people make Ragi malt,  dosa or  ladoo. As thinking something different i planed to make some raw tangy dish of ragi as i liked it raw taste very much.

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