Banana Strawberry IceCream

Icecream  Icecream 😀  we all scream for Icecream….. Banana Strawberry Ice Cream, only just only two ingredients ice cream Healthy, Vegan, Gluten free and Dairy free.
Here we have only two fruits Strawberry and Banana and this ice cream is the magic of these both lovely fruits. The softness and sweetness of banana and tangy twist of strawberry are the best combinations ever I tried. It’s super healthy as has no added sugar or any other artificial flavor. I tried this Icecream during my diet plan as I was not allowed to take any dairy product or any artificial sweet. This Icecream has helped me lot to satisfy my temptation for Icecream  😀
It’s summer special as during summer season we really feel all-time to have something chilled after our food. It’s summer’s hotness booster.

Kids can enjoy them anytime as its pure and natural, so mummies not to worry just grab these juicy fruits and create such magics. Very easy and convenient for all mummies to make and keep stock for their kids. Even kids can make them and enjoy anytime.

This healthy ice cream can be enjoyed by anyone anytime. So rush to market get these all tie fruits and enjoy lovely ice cream.

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COURSE: Desert 


TIME:  TOTAL TIME: 2 – 3 hrs

                PREP TIME: 10 mins




Banana 3 – 4

Strawberry 5 -6

Flax seeds 2 tsp



  1. Peel the banana’s and keep them in the container.


Peel Banana's
Peel Banana’s


2. In the same container will keep Strawberry.


Keep Strawberry's
Keep Strawberry’s


3. Cover the container properly. Make sure you use a plastic container as we need to freeze them.


Cover the container
Cover the container


4. Now place the fruits container in the freezer for approx 2 – 3 hrs or overnight. Fruits should get frozen.


Freeze for 2 hrs or overnight
Freeze for 2 hrs or overnight


5. As fruits get frozen take them out and cut them in pieces.


Cut them in piece
Cut them in piece


6. Put them in mixer grinder, you can add honey or vanilla essences if you wish.

7. Here I am not adding anything because I want to make it natural flavored icecream.


Put in mixer grinder
Put in mixer grinder


8. Grind the frozen fruits nicely and make a fine paste.


Blend and make fine thick paste.
Blend and make a fine thick paste


9. Now transfer this thick paste into the same plastic container again.


Transfer into same container
Transfer into the same container


10. Give a tap and sprinkle some roasted flax seeds to make it more healthy.


Sprinkle flax seeds
Sprinkle flax seeds


11. Again cover it and freeze it for 4 – 5 hrs


Freeze it for 4 - 5 hrs
Freeze it for 4 – 5 hrs


12. When it get set to take it out, garnish with some nuts and serve chilled.


Garnish with nuts and serve
Garnish with nuts and serve




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