4 Ingredients Modak

17 Second day of ganpati, here is something different and unique 4 Ingredients modak.

4 Ingredients modak is made up of only ghee, jaggery , wheat flour and peanut whch is very simple to find at home.You can enjoy it making with your kids too.

4 Ingredients modak is very simple and quick to make. It was my experiment when i was in very much rush to make modak quickly and i was not having any ingredients at home.

The delicious aroma of ghee, jaggery mixed with baked wheat flour is so yummy and mouthwatering and the roasted peanut adds the crunchiness into it. The first time i had it, it was like heaven.

So do try the recipe and enjoy the modak with ganpati bappa nad your family.


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COURSE:  Sweet

SERVINGS: 21 modak


                PREP TIME: 20 mins

                COOK TIME: 40 mins


1 cup Wheat flour/ Aata

1/2 cup Peanut / Shengdana

1/2 cup Jaggery / Gur or as per taste

1/2 cup Ghee/ Butter or as per taste


Note : If you want you can also add Dates/Khajur into it. 1/2 cup chopped Dates / Khajur. 



  1. First will bake the wheat flour, take a pan or kadai and heat on lower flame.
  2. As kadai gets hot put wheat flour into it and bake it well till it gets brown in color.

1 2


3. Please make sure bake it in lower flame only.

4. Now when its done transfer the wheat flour into other big plate and keep it aside, let it gets cool.

5. Now in the same kadai put peanuts and same on lower flame roast it well.

6. when its get well roasted and you can get the roasted aroma of peanut, swift off the flame and place the peanut in         other plate.

3 4


7. Now let the peanut get cool down.

8. After few mints uncover the roasted peanut with help of your hands.

9. Now transfer the uncovered roasted peanut into a mixture jar.

5 6


10. Now grind the peanut, grinding the peanut totally depend on your choice. you can grind it finely or can leave it crushed.

11. Transfer grinded peanut into a bowl.

12. Now pour 2 – 3 tsp ghee or melted butter into crushed peanut and also 2 tsp grated jaggery.

13. You can use regular butter or unsalted butter also.

7 10


14. Now collect all four ingredients at one place and lets start making modak.

15. Baked wheat flour, roasted peanut crush, Jaggery and Ghee/Butter.

8 9


16. Now make well into the baked flour, pour ghee into it and add grated jaggery.

17. Now mix them well and make a sandy form, it should be little wet so that you can form modak well.

18. Now make small balls of crushed peanut for stuffing.

11 12


19. Now take little amount of sandy wheat flour mixture and make ball of it. then with help of your thumb make small        katori.

20. Now place the peanut ball into that katori.

13 14

21. Now slowly slowly with light hand give it modak shape. make sure you don’t give much pressure.

22. Same repeat same with rest mixture.

23. I made it in 2 ways one i showed above stuffing and second you can mix peanut mixture into wheat flour and                make the modak.

15 16

24. When all done place it in desert plate and serve it to ganpati bappa and your family.

17 18

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