Pasta (Shell Pasta) Quick Recipe

PastaPasta recipe quick and easy meal to have any time. Pasta and easy??? yes, its super easy as this recipe doesn’t need any sauce or cream. It is prepared with just some basic ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen.

Vegetables of your choice and Cheese of your choice What else easy things we want 😀

Once I had very hectic day and when I came back I was so tired I was not willing to cook anything but wanted to have something very yummy

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Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha (Flattened rice)

Healthy Bowl Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha, Yes … a super booster bowl to energize your whole day. A simple satisfying recipe for breakfast. Ingredients of this recipe are simply amazing and can be found at home anytime. This dish can be served as desert also. Kids can enjoy making this dish as it’s no baking and effortless.

Each spoon of this bowl is filled with multi-nutritional values which can help you to be active with full energy. This super Bowl recipe was been given to me by my personal trainer while my weight loss

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