Raw Tomato Sabji


 Raw Tomato sabji, for yummy tangy super delicious sabji follow the simple step to step process and enjoy the recipe.

Tomato tangy sabji is spicy, tangy and sweet in taste. the basic ingredients is the raw tomato and jaggery. jaggery helps to give the sweet taste and thickness. this dish can be serve with roti, bread and rice. I love having this dish with rice and its so easy and quick to make that any time hungry i make it and have quickly.

My mom use to make this dish for me when ever unexpectedly i use to feel hungry. you can also use it as chutney with the main course.

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Tiranga Oats – Overnight oats recipe

  Oats species of cereal grain, they hep in lowering cholesterol levels as they are rich in soluble fibers. Its a very healthy breakfast option. Super easy to cook and quickly gets ready. overnight oats are just soaking oats in milk with your other loving ingredients.

On the special occasion of 15 Aug i made this Tiranga Oats. The combination i used here are sweet and tangy. Kiwi and papaya mix. Papaya used to give the orange color, Kiwi used for green color and for white i used grated coconut.

Overnight oats basic is to soak the oats into milk for over night, rest is your wish to make the combination with anything. toppings can be done with the dry fruits or choco chips, berries any thing.


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Gatte ki Sabzi


 Gatte ki sabji, very authentic marwadi dish. Its super delicious Rajasthani gravy sabji. Gatte basically gram flour / besan dumplings which is first steamed and then given lovely tadka.

Chickpeas flour are been boiled well and then fried which gives it crunchy flavour and and good consistency to gravy. For best gravy curd is been added. if you want can also make it without onion garlic too.

Its served mostly during special occasions. Serve them hot with rice, roti or bread.  Do follow very simple steps below with the step to step pictures.



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