Dal Vada recipe

dal-vadaDal Vada, best snacks to serve in monsoon season. crispy from outside and soft from inside. Basically known best dish from south. Mostly they serve this yummy dish in festivals and occasions.

Coarsely grounded chana’s and authentic flavor of onion, ginger garlic and curry leaves gives it mouthwatering taste. you can serve them on any occasion with no time. Now a days you can easily get them in mumbai street food also. People in mumbai are dam crazy for this street food served with coconut chutney.

I made this on Sunday special and by luck also got best climate to

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Ragi (finger millet) chutney

ragi-chutney Ragi Chutney, (finger millet)  is been very well known for “Super Cereal” that control diabetes, cancer and lots more.

Finger millet / nachni has a very high protein content, its rich in source of minerals, it has anti – microbial properties. Research also says it has anti – cancer potential. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol and keeps you young.

When i got to know so many benefits about Finger millet / nachni i searched for the best recipe i can make. mostly people make Ragi malt,  dosa or  ladoo. As thinking something different i planed to make some raw tangy dish of ragi as i liked it raw taste very much.

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Spinach juice recipe – Detoxifying drink for weight loss

spinach-juiceDetoxifying drink Spinach juice recipe. Spinach is low in fat even low in calories. it has lots of vitamins best known for Iron. Apples are extremely rich in antioxidant and dietary fiber. It helps reducing hypertension, cancer, diabetes and lots more. Beetroots lower the blood pressure and higher the blood flow.Mango lower the cholesterol, helps in glowing our skin and also gives natural sweetness and tangy taste in drinks.

These combined things helps lot in many ways. the Detoxifying drink i made from all this helps our body to get detoxified. Its the best detoxification juice which not only help you to lose weight also helps in many other ways like its clean your body in morning very well which makes you feel very light and fresh.

People looking for weight loss must take this drink 4 times in week and you will find lots of changes. Workout and healthy diet works very well but this cleansing juice helps to throw out you body waste.

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Healthy Powder

healthy-powderHealthy Powder, a powder with only 4 important ingredients and is a full pack of health and power. This powder can be given to babies, kids, adult, old age people basically this powder can be have by any anyone.

Almonds are very well known for the development of brain.it helps to boost our immunity.rich in minerals, vitamins which also helps our skin to glow. Cashews rich in copper, calcium and cashew also boost our immunity. Flax seeds Omega-3 essential fatty acid. its a GOOD fatty acid.Its also best in weight loss. Broken wheat are high in protein and low in calories. It improves the digestion and also its a good source of

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