Grilled Dum Aloo



Grilled Dum Aloo recipe, quick to make simple step by step with images. Grilled dum aloo recipe is mostly to be serve during any occasion. people do have misconception about dum aloo to be very hard to make.

Below do find a yummy healthy and easiest way to make restaurant type Dum aloo. Its grilled dum aloo so health conscious can also have it. its oil free recipe, no special masala. simple ingredients with 40 mins duration to make.

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Banana Fry

One of my very favorite recipe Banana Fry recipe. very simple and quick recipe. Raw banana fry recipe step by step process easy to follow. I tried this recipe specially for navratri fasting/ Vrat time.

12This recipe have very simple  ingredients which you can easily find at home. As its have simple steps and quick process it can be made by anyone.

The process is simple but the taste is very unique. Shallow frying the

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Crispy Aloo


Specially for Navratri festival, Crispy Aloo one my very favorite. During any fast i make this yummy crunchy aloo recipe. Its easy and quick to make. it takes hardly 15 mins to cook the delicious crispy aloo.

The authentic flavor of little brown chilies and curry leaves make this dish too tasty. You can serve this aloo with curd.

It can also be used as aloo sabji and can be serve with

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Sweet potato Chaat

 8Sweet potato are top list food in healthy food list. Its full of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin A and lots more.

Navratri special Sweet potato chaat recipe is healthy indian  sweet potato chaat. This chaat recipe i am posting specially for the people on Vrat/ Fasting. Really chaat during fast??? oh yes!!! do follow the simple steps how to make the healthy, mouthwatering chaat during fasting.

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Daila / broken cereals healthy and yummy breakfast to start your lovely day. Dalia is basically from north India. Traditionally it is made in sweet pattern adding milk and jaggery.


Daila recipe is so simple and quick to make, its get more healthy heaviness after adding moong dal. moong da is also consider as high fiber and low cholesterol food.

Daila is all time very healthy and simple food. Its low in fat, well enriched with iron and fiber.

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Ice cream Apple


Ice cream Apple recipe, red or green apple caramelized with sugar and cinnamon powder and topped with your favorite ice cream.

Apple and cinnamon combination is very traditional combination. Baked apples in cinnamon and sugar powder  gives a rich flavor. You can have it without ice cream also.

The topping with ice cream makes it yummy and super delicious desert for your parties and

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Wheat Wrap

13Wheat wrap/ Tortillas  healthy recipe is same like veg sandwich. Wheat wrap recipe is simple, easy and healthy recipe. the healthy ingredients into it is calorie free.

Wheat tortillas is like full bag of yummy vegetable stuff lots of fiber and nutrition. The base is of fermented wheat flour, which gives it the soft and delicious base. The more value adds the white sauce which is very simple and easy to make. The soft base and crunchy vegetables makes this wraps /Tortillas.

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Moong Toast


Moong Toast recipe, yummy breakfast with 4 style toppings with Garlic chutney, Cheese , double toast and green mint chutney.

Moong dal toast can be made with any bread brown bread or white bread. The mixture of moong dal with spring onion and buttery flavor is so yummy and mouthwatering.


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