Beetroot Juice

12 Beetroot juice is very high in folic acid and manganese. This beetroot juice recipe is very healthy. Beetroot juice recipe play good role in weight loss

Beetroot juice preparation is very simple. Its preferred to be taken in morning empty stomach. After having this juice you will feel very active whole day. Its very energetic drink.

The Combination of beetroot and tomato gives its authentic taste.  enjoy it with your friends and family and be healthy.

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Churma Modak


Churma modak is one of my very favorite. As its made of only 3 ingredients and easy to make. Its tried and tested recipe. its really very yummy and Delicious.

Churma modak is very soft and full of sweet jaggery, the aroma of this modak make everyone mouthwatering.

Churma is one of very famous sweet from north india. All make it in their own way, some make it in dry pattern. I tried it in wet pattern.

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4 Ingredients Modak

17 Second day of ganpati, here is something different and unique 4 Ingredients modak.

4 Ingredients modak is made up of only ghee, jaggery , wheat flour and peanut whch is very simple to find at home.You can enjoy it making with your kids too.

4 Ingredients modak is very simple and quick to make. It was my experiment when i was in very much rush to make modak quickly and i was not having any ingredients at home.

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Paneer Momos

22Paneer Momos recipe, easy and quick recipe. Its best recipe for breakfast, specially on Sunday enjoy it with family. Veg momos recipe you can make easily at home. trust me no one will believe its homemade momos. steamed, baked or fried can be made in any way.

Momos are one of the yummy street food. Its originally from Tibet region. We can easily find it in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Manipur kind of places. But now a days it can be seen more in Mumbai street and been very much liked by mumbaikars.

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Vegetable Dal Soup


Vegetable Dal soup is best soup you can have it anytime. Its healthy soup as its full of all nutritional vegetables and dal. We can add any sprouts into it to make it more healthy. Best for the people on diet who got bored with all time usual salads and soups. This soup can be consumed during any diet plan as  its mouthwatering soup with full iron, calcium and more. even its filling and you wont feel hungry much after having it.

You can sever this soup with brown rice too.

Enjoy this soup in any season and be healthy…. enjoy…..

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