Lauki Paratha

Lauki partha


Lauki/ bottle gourd / Ghiya is the vegetable which is never liked by kids, during my childhood even i never use to like it. some of adults still don’t like it. As we all know lauki is very much healthy. its consist 90% water which is very much helpful for or digestion. Ayurveda also recommend it to have in our daily diet.

Looking at it taste many people don’t like it. so here you can try this twist lauki paratha, so the healthy stuff is also gained by us and get something new to taste. serve it hot with curd or any your choice chutney.


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Healthy Tiranga Drink

Health drink    Health Drink, Tiranga  drink is yummy and healthy drink. The color  green, white and saffron  I took inspired me  from Indian Flag color. I made it on special occasion of Independence Day, kids of my society liked it so much and enjoyed this drink without knowing that it has such healthy vegetables in it.

The simple three color drink is natural as its has spinach juice, carrot juice and lemon juice. In this you will find 3 easy steps to make three different drinks and combining three of them makes the mouthwatering drink.

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Fruit Tart

17Fruit Tart very simple and easy fruit basket recipe. Its healthy and sugar free. Best desert for health and diet conscious people too.

The wonderful biscuit base/ tart makes the taste of fruits and apple puree on another level. The puree of apple had sweet and sour taste which adds mouthwatering aroma and flavor into whole desert.

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