Gajar Matar ki Sabzi

 gajar-matarGajar Matar Sabzi recipe a very common dish of every home. Carrot and green peas dish its super delicious. Mostly people make it in dry but trying some twist i made it in gravy so that i can have this yummy dish with rice even.

Carrots / gajar and Green peas/ matar is the best combination vegetable. i added some cashew nuts into this recipe so the consistency of the gravy gets thick and the curd will make it tangy. its my own tried and tested dish. Flavor of dry spices plays the important role into it.

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Healthy Oats Wrap

Healthy oats wrap Healthy Oats Wrap, one of my very best and easy dish for breakfast. Oats wrap recipe made of oats and lots of vegetables.

As very much known oats are the basic food as its comes to health, weight loss and dieting. Healthy oats warp is so simple, easy and quick to make that with no minutes its ready. people having busy schedule can make the stuffing and preserve in fridge, so that you can make it when ever you want. Sometimes when i get some vegetables left over in my fridge i make this healthy wrap.

Oats takes very less oil to get cooked, so its less oily and vegetables mixture are half cooked it also do not take much oil.

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Sprouts Salad

Sprouts SaladSprouts Salad, Its best for weight loss at dinner. one nice bowl full of healthy things into it. Its like a big bang for all health cautious people. Sprouts are always known popularly for its nutritional values. Sprouts are excellent source of vitamins, fibers and minerals. They have very low calories.
Healthy diet is totally incomplete with out the sprouts. But many people doesn’t like the alone taste of sprouts. So here we come with the great solution Sprouts Salad.
First thing making sprouts is very easy and by adding some healthy vegetables it gets more healthy salad. If your looking for weight loss then sprouts salad is best for your dinner. It not only helps you in weight loss but also helps in hair growth.

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Carrot Beetroot Juice

Carrot betroot juiceCarrot Beetroot Juice is very high in folic acid and manganese. This  juice recipe is very healthy. Beetroot and carrot juice recipe play good role in weight loss. Also amla is best ingredient for weight loss and good hair.

Carrot Beetroot juice preparation is very simple. Its preferred to be taken in morning empty stomach. After having this juice you will feel very active whole day. Its very energetic drink.

This juice contains lots of vitamins, make sure to have this drink as soon as its made to gain the all nutrients value.

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Veg Mayonnaise Toast Sandwich recipe

Final Veg Mayonnaise Toast Sandwich recipe, the creamy taste of mayonnaise is one of my favorite. After trying it in restaurant i was so fallen in love with the mayo and mustard sauce taste that the next day i planned to make it for my family at home. On the very next day i got the plain mayonnaise and mustard sauce from market.

I got the plain mayo as i wanted to add my own taste into it. I added garlic as m big fan of garlic. some dry spices and made the super yummy taste mayo paste. My own flavor mayo sandwich idea i got when i saw plain eggless  mayo in

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Dal Dosa

9 Dal Dosa recipe, mix dal dosa recipe easy no ferment dosa made with two Dals. The Chana dal and Tur dal mix taste is so delicious that on the very first time when i made it everyone at home liked it so much that most of the time they request me to make this yummy Dosa.

The recipe is easy and super fast to make. For this dosa recipe no fermentation required. Yes, without fermentation its possible to make. We just need to soak the dals overnight (if you don’t have

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Vada Pav

Vada pavVada Pav or Wada Pav the very famous n tasty street food of Maharashtra. Specialty of Mumbai meri jaan… Vada pav is the most common food you can get in mumbai or most places in Maharashtra.

Vada pav recipe seems to be difficult but trust me its so simple and easy to make. Vada pav recipe is so delicious and tasty and the addition red powder chutney makes it more authentic in taste. Its yummy snacks you can find mostly in all street stalls and even in school colleges.

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Biscuit Sandwich

12 Biscuit Sandwich, no bake sweets… yes its no bake sweets / desert. Biscuit sandwich recipe you can serve in any occasion. Specially loved by kids and even kids can take involvement in making this.

Biscuits sandwich recipe is full of jammy and dry fruits coated with your favorite chocolate. Once i was just looking at this biscuits and thought to give them some changes or twist according to my taste, my flavor. so got some simple things which were so easy to get at home.

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Tomato Spring Chutney

Spring tomato chutney Tomato spring onion chutney is a very simple dish to make. The delicious red color chutney with greens on them is so tempting that no one can resist to taste it. Indian tomato chutney has its own unique taste. its little spicy and tangy taste. Red tomato chutney dish is best spread to have with any slices of bread, Naan or Pulao.

Green onion is also called as scallions or green onions. It has the pretty similar taste of onion. It can be consumed raw or can also be cooked. Make sure when you cook them wash them quite well as its a root vegetable filled with mud. Usually, people use spring onion in rice or mix with vegetable but I thought to give some change to it and try something new, so I planned to make the chutney. Trust me this spring

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C3-cheese corn cutlet

Cheese corn cutlet

Cheese Corn Cutlet , corn cutlet, Patties yummy dish with lots of name easy corn recipe for breakfast. Super delicious dish for your family. Its simple and with no time can enjoy it anytime.

Corn cutlet is with simple ingredients with lots of vegges , potatoes and corn into it. The simple masalas which is all time handy in our kitchen. scalloped potatoes with cheese balls in it makes it heavenly rich with the creamy taste. Boiled corns

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