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Ice cream Apple


Ice cream Apple recipe, red or green apple caramelized with sugar and cinnamon powder and topped with your favorite ice cream.

Apple and cinnamon combination is very traditional combination. Baked apples in cinnamon and sugar powder  gives a rich flavor. You can have it without ice cream also.

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Paneer Modak


As the auspicious occasion of Sankashti, we please the lord Ganesha and as we all know Modak is ganeshji’s favorite sweet.

Paneer Modak recipe is something different kind of modak. Its super delicious, the yummy aroma of paneer and dry fruits is mouthwatering.



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Churma Modak


Churma modak is one of my very favorite. As its made of only 3 ingredients and easy to make. Its tried and tested recipe. its really very yummy and Delicious.

Churma modak is very soft and full of sweet jaggery, the aroma of this modak make everyone mouthwatering.

Churma is one of very famous sweet from north india. All make it in their own way, some make it in dry pattern. I tried it in wet pattern.

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4 Ingredients Modak

17 Second day of ganpati, here is something different and unique 4 Ingredients modak.

4 Ingredients modak is made up of only ghee, jaggery , wheat flour and peanut whch is very simple to find at home.You can enjoy it making with your kids too.

4 Ingredients modak is very simple and quick to make. It was my experiment when i was in very much rush to make modak quickly and i was not having any ingredients at home.

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Fruit Tart

17Fruit Tart very simple and easy fruit basket recipe. Its healthy and sugar free. Best desert for health and diet conscious people too.

The wonderful biscuit base/ tart makes the taste of fruits and apple puree on another level. The puree of apple had sweet and sour taste which adds mouthwatering aroma and flavor into whole desert.

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5 Ingredients Cake



With only 5 ingredients, you can have this yummy delicious cake. This cake is fermented and take little time but the sponginess and taste comes out so well, that anyone one can fall in love with this tempting dessert.


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Jaggery Seviyan Kheer



Jaggery Seviyan Kheer special recipe on the occasion of Eid. Jaggery Seviyan Kheer is sugar free desert. Little  easy effort and this yummy desert is ready. You can serve it hot or chilled.

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Oats Bar

oats barOats bar is anytime snack you can enjoy the crunchy and smooth taste anytime. Oats bar is very healthy. Oats bar is especially for diet conscious people. It’s very easy to make quick and can be assisted by kids even.



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Ice Cake

ice cake


Got bored with the baking cakes, try this yummy no baking ice cake. It’s delicious, quite simple, easy to make with kids and excellent dessert .




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