Marshmallow Nuts Bar Recipe

Marshmallow Bar Marshmallow Nuts Bar recipe, Super easy bar recipe. Healthy and tasty dish for everyone. Only 3 simple steps and bar is ready.
This bar is full of Nuts which makes it healthy and fulfilling. A perfect square which is super tasty mostly liked by kids. Few steps and Marshmallow Nuts Bar is ready.

This dish can be made by kids with parents help. It’s No Bake Bar. Simple ingredients with simple steps. Marshmallow gives perfect texture, nuts and corn flax gives it a crunchy texture and final with the chocolate layer. It is a perfect combination with perfect taste.

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Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha (Flattened rice)

Healthy Bowl Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha, Yes … a super booster bowl to energize your whole day. A simple satisfying recipe for breakfast. Ingredients of this recipe are simply amazing and can be found at home anytime. This dish can be served as desert also. Kids can enjoy making this dish as it’s no baking and effortless.

Each spoon of this bowl is filled with multi-nutritional values which can help you to be active with full energy. This super Bowl recipe was been given to me by my personal trainer while my weight loss

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Nutella Fruity Sandwich Recipe

Nutella Fruity Sandwich  

Nutella Fruity Sandwich, creamy super delight sandwich full with lots of fruits of your choice. Nutella fruity sandwich is the best desert for party time. You can also have it as breakfast. It is loaded with Nutella, butter, marshmallow and fruits.

It is so easy to make that kid ca also participate to make it. For kids safety, you can grill them or make them in a toaster. I love cooking whenever I get time from my busy schedule and this quick recipe helps me to get not only my taste but also helps me to be a star Chef in all our family functions.

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Bread Gulab Jamun

Bread  Bread Gulab Janum an instant gulab jamun that can be made during any occasions. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali we have lots of work to do and indian tradition says making sweets on Diwali or any other occasion is important and a good way to welcome our god and guests. After so much of work when it comes to make dessert or sweets we always think of something instant.So making it easy i tried to make something which is not even out of our tradition and also get ready quickly.  Just 30 mins and our

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Custard Cake

custard cake Custard Cake… Just 3 ingredients and your yummy dessert is ready to serve. Custard cake is soft, smooth, sweet and tangy tasting. The only combination of Milk, Curd and Condense milk gives it the creamy texture which melts in mouth.

You can go with berry fruits if you want. Its very simple and easy cake to make. You just need to mix the 3 ingredients and bake it. It cane be good activity you can do with kids too and kids will love it.

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Samak Kheer / Barnyard millet porridge recipe

Samak  Samak Kheer, Samak also known as Barnyard millet, Samvat rice.  Samak is mostly been used during fasting and navratri is the festival for 9 days where people do fasting for complete 9 days. Its kind substitute of normal rice and semolina but they are not been used durinf fast/vrat.

Samak is very light but work well during vart and full filling for empty stomach. It can be made in very different forms. you can make kheer, upma, pulaao, khichadi anything.

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Biscuit Sandwich

12 Biscuit Sandwich, no bake sweets… yes its no bake sweets / desert. Biscuit sandwich recipe you can serve in any occasion. Specially loved by kids and even kids can take involvement in making this.

Biscuits sandwich recipe is full of jammy and dry fruits coated with your favorite chocolate. Once i was just looking at this biscuits and thought to give them some changes or twist according to my taste, my flavor. so got some simple things which were so easy to get at home.

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Choco Truffle

13 Choco truffle, delicious and best sweets for parties and festivals.

Chocolate truffle is curved shaped confectionery sweet filled inside with chocolates, nuts, fruits and many more. Its super delicious recipe. The dark chocolate gives it royal taste. When we freeze hem and get the final product is so mouthwatering that you cant resist yourself without having it.

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