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C3-cheese corn cutlet

Cheese corn cutlet

Cheese Corn Cutlet , corn cutlet, Patties yummy dish with lots of name easy corn recipe for breakfast. Super delicious dish for your family. Its simple and with no time can enjoy it anytime.

Corn cutlet is with simple ingredients with lots of vegges , potatoes and corn into it. The simple masalas which is all time handy in our kitchen. scalloped potatoes with cheese balls in it makes it heavenly rich with the creamy taste. Boiled corns Keep Reading

Sandwich roll

15Sandwich roll / Bread roll recipe, best snacks to have with tea or coffee. It can also served for breakfast as its quite heavy dish. Children will love them to have in lunch box. Its very known recipe from north side.

Basically its called bread roll recipe but giving a twist and technically it has a stuffed sandwich process so i gave it name as Roll sandwich. The ingredients into it is so simple and easy that you can make it in no time.

I remember when i was child my mom use to make it for me.

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Sweet potato Kabab

Sweet potato kabab Sweet potato are top list food in healthy food list. Its full of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin A and lots more.

 Sweet potato kabab recipe is healthy indian  sweet potato kabab. This kabab recipe i am posting is best alternate to non veg kabab. yummy veg kabab or non meat kabab. Its not only best as starter but also very fulfilling for kids. yummy sweet kabab will be great for kids tiffin.

I have used all ingredients which are easy to get in kitchen with very simple and easy way. Quick kabab recipe with very less efforts. As sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates so it keeps you energetic whole day, which is very much important in our daily routine.

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Banana Fry

One of my very favorite recipe Banana Fry recipe. very simple and quick recipe. Raw banana fry recipe step by step process easy to follow. I tried this recipe specially for navratri fasting/ Vrat time.

12This recipe have very simple  ingredients which you can easily find at home. As its have simple steps and quick process it can be made by anyone.

The process is simple but the taste is very unique. Shallow frying the Keep Reading

Crispy Aloo


Specially for Navratri festival, Crispy Aloo one my very favorite. During any fast i make this yummy crunchy aloo recipe. Its easy and quick to make. it takes hardly 15 mins to cook the delicious crispy aloo.

The authentic flavor of little brown chilies and curry leaves make this dish too tasty. You can serve this aloo with curd.

It can also be used as aloo sabji and can be serve with

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Sweet potato Chaat

 8Sweet potato are top list food in healthy food list. Its full of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin A and lots more.

Navratri special Sweet potato chaat recipe is healthy indian  sweet potato chaat. This chaat recipe i am posting specially for the people on Vrat/ Fasting. Really chaat during fast??? oh yes!!! do follow the simple steps how to make the healthy, mouthwatering chaat during fasting.

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Wheat Wrap

13Wheat wrap/ Tortillas  healthy recipe is same like veg sandwich. Wheat wrap recipe is simple, easy and healthy recipe. the healthy ingredients into it is calorie free.

Wheat tortillas is like full bag of yummy vegetable stuff lots of fiber and nutrition. The base is of fermented wheat flour, which gives it the soft and delicious base. The more value adds the white sauce which is very simple and easy to make. The soft base and crunchy vegetables makes this wraps /Tortillas.

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Paneer Momos

22Paneer Momos recipe, easy and quick recipe. Its best recipe for breakfast, specially on Sunday enjoy it with family. Veg momos recipe you can make easily at home. trust me no one will believe its homemade momos. steamed, baked or fried can be made in any way.

Momos are one of the yummy street food. Its originally from Tibet region. We can easily find it in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Manipur kind of places. But now a days it can be seen more in Mumbai street and been very much liked by mumbaikars.

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Vegetable Dal Soup


Vegetable Dal soup is best soup you can have it anytime. Its healthy soup as its full of all nutritional vegetables and dal. We can add any sprouts into it to make it more healthy. Best for the people on diet who got bored with all time usual salads and soups. This soup can be consumed during any diet plan as  its mouthwatering soup with full iron, calcium and more. even its filling and you wont feel hungry much after having it.

You can sever this soup with brown rice too.

Enjoy this soup in any season and be healthy…. enjoy…..

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Tawa Paneer Tikka

 Paneer,Onion,Tomato and Capsicum 

 Tawa Paneer Tikka  is the best appetizer can be prepared at home without oven. The yummy paneer tikka recipe is the best  starter for any parties and occasion. Keep Reading