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Cauliflower Korma

Cauliflower korma is best gravy you can serve with rice. Mostly known as dry sabji but kroma is yummy and delicious Gobi gravy.

Cauliflower korma is quick and simple recipe with many vegetables of your choice. The simple spices and sour taste of curd makes the recipe full flavored.


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Veg Briyani

veg pulao


All time favorite veg biryani. This veg biryani is very light to have and easy to cook. Its not a dum biryani so can be made easily and quickly. Its enrich with full of vegetables and spices. server it hot with Raita on any occasion.

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4 Different Stuffed Parathas

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Stuffed parathar are not regular stuffed paratha as it is made with Maida/ All purpose flour. Its fermented which gives its soft and spongy texture. Which is very yummy and can be served with any kind of gravy. specially for party night.

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Veg Saag

Veg Saag is healthy and full of nourished vegetables. Its yummy and mostly liked by the kids too. Veg Saag is quick, easy and simple dish. any vegetables at your home can be use.

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Chole in Shimla

Chole in Shimla is very unique dish. the stuffing of chole masala is wat the different from other bharwan shimla. The chole masala stuffing should be equal spicy and sour. enjoy the yummy Chole in Shimla.

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Keri ki Lunji

Keri ki LunjiKeri ki Lunji is very quick and simple dish. you can call it as Keri ki chatney or sabji. its is rich in spice and sweet taste. This dish is specially to have on summer season. as we get best raw mangoes in market. So enjoy the yummy dish.

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