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Break Fast



Daila / broken cereals healthy and yummy breakfast to start your lovely day. Dalia is basically from north India. Traditionally it is made in sweet pattern adding milk and jaggery.


Daila recipe is so simple and quick to make, its get more healthy heaviness after adding moong dal. moong da is also consider as high fiber and low cholesterol food.

Daila is all time very healthy and simple food. Its low in fat, well enriched with iron and fiber.

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Wheat Wrap

13Wheat wrap/ Tortillas  healthy recipe is same like veg sandwich. Wheat wrap recipe is simple, easy and healthy recipe. the healthy ingredients into it is calorie free.

Wheat tortillas is like full bag of yummy vegetable stuff lots of fiber and nutrition. The base is of fermented wheat flour, which gives it the soft and delicious base. The more value adds the white sauce which is very simple and easy to make. The soft base and crunchy vegetables makes this wraps /Tortillas.

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Moong Toast


Moong Toast recipe, yummy breakfast with 4 style toppings with Garlic chutney, Cheese , double toast and green mint chutney.

Moong dal toast can be made with any bread brown bread or white bread. The mixture of moong dal with spring onion and buttery flavor is so yummy and mouthwatering.


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Paneer Momos

22Paneer Momos recipe, easy and quick recipe. Its best recipe for breakfast, specially on Sunday enjoy it with family. Veg momos recipe you can make easily at home. trust me no one will believe its homemade momos. steamed, baked or fried can be made in any way.

Momos are one of the yummy street food. Its originally from Tibet region. We can easily find it in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Manipur kind of places. But now a days it can be seen more in Mumbai street and been very much liked by mumbaikars.

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Carrot pancake

pancakeCarrot Pancake is one of my favorite pancake. The mix taste of spice, sweet and sour  makes this pancake mouthwatering and tempting. It has secret recipe of carrot chutney which helps all moms to make their kids to have the carrot , which kids usually don’t like.  The divine taste of mix healthy batter makes it more yummy and healthful. So enjoy the recipe and be healthy…

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Paratha Pizza

Paratha pizza


Paratha Pizza is a healthy pizza as it is made with wheat flour base. Its good for kids and healthy. Paratha Pizza is quick and easy to make. No oven needed and kids can also take part in it. Serve it hot with tomato sauce. It’s best for the parties also.

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Quick Veg Sandwich


Simple Veg Sandwich is very simple with a different chutney twist. The best and healthy munching to have anytime. In this sandwich the Methi chutney gives it a very delicious taste. Its very easy and you can involve your kids too. Serve it with sauce or the same Methi chutney.

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Poha Cutlet

poha cutletPoha Cutlet is a delicious, yummy and spicy cutlet made by Poha (beaten rice).  Its anytime snacks. its easy to make and can be serve during breakfast also. serve it hot with Mint chatney or Curd sauce.

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