Healthy Soy SandwichSoya Sandwich healthy Sandwich. Soya Sandwich is super healthy Sandwich for all health freaks. this Sandwich is low-calorie as its contain soy and Wheat bread is used. the inner stuffing of sandwich is filled with yummy nutrition soya mixture.

As I am a big fan of soya, so planned to make something different for breakfast with soya. the ingredients used are simple and easy to get normally in the kitchen. the soya chunks are high in proteins. Eating this sandwich will give the yummy taste with healthy benefits.

Spices in the mixture of soya can be balanced as per your taste. serve them hot.


Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha (Flattened rice)

Healthy Bowl Healthy Bowl Muesli Poha, Yes … a super booster bowl to energize your whole day. A simple satisfying recipe for breakfast. Ingredients of this recipe are simply amazing and can be found at home anytime. This dish can be served as desert also. Kids can enjoy making this dish as it’s no baking and effortless.

Each spoon of this bowl is filled with multi-nutritional values which can help you to be active with full energy. This super Bowl recipe was been given to me by my personal trainer while my weight loss

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Nutella Fruity Sandwich Recipe

Nutella Fruity Sandwich  

Nutella Fruity Sandwich, creamy super delight sandwich full with lots of fruits of your choice. Nutella fruity sandwich is the best desert for party time. You can also have it as breakfast. It is loaded with Nutella, butter, marshmallow and fruits.

It is so easy to make that kid ca also participate to make it. For kids safety, you can grill them or make them in a toaster. I love cooking whenever I get time from my busy schedule and this quick recipe helps me to get not only my taste but also helps me to be a star Chef in all our family functions.

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Leftover Roti Ka Magic

Leftover Roti  Leftover Roti ka magic… yes it is a magic. no time consuming dish and magic is because it help us to stop wasting old rotis the leftover rotis…

Leftover roti tadka is so easy and quick to make that you can make it anytime. As its all roti and veggies so its also heavy n tummy filling for kids, so it can also be serve to kids n lunch box. Kids will love to have it as its something different from usual roti and sabji and you will be happy as you can add any veggies into it.

At mid of day i was dam hungry and was in no mood to cook anything then when i saw this leftover roties i got the idea that why not to use them and make something interesting.

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Tiranga Oats – Overnight oats recipe

  Oats species of cereal grain, they hep in lowering cholesterol levels as they are rich in soluble fibers. Its a very healthy breakfast option. Super easy to cook and quickly gets ready. overnight oats are just soaking oats in milk with your other loving ingredients.

On the special occasion of 15 Aug i made this Tiranga Oats. The combination i used here are sweet and tangy. Kiwi and papaya mix. Papaya used to give the orange color, Kiwi used for green color and for white i used grated coconut.

Overnight oats basic is to soak the oats into milk for over night, rest is your wish to make the combination with anything. toppings can be done with the dry fruits or choco chips, berries any thing.


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Dal Vada recipe

dal-vadaDal Vada, best snacks to serve in monsoon season. crispy from outside and soft from inside. Basically known best dish from south. Mostly they serve this yummy dish in festivals and occasions.

Coarsely grounded chana’s and authentic flavor of onion, ginger garlic and curry leaves gives it mouthwatering taste. you can serve them on any occasion with no time. Now a days you can easily get them in mumbai street food also. People in mumbai are dam crazy for this street food served with coconut chutney.

I made this on Sunday special and by luck also got best climate to

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Healthy Powder

healthy-powderHealthy Powder, a powder with only 4 important ingredients and is a full pack of health and power. This powder can be given to babies, kids, adult, old age people basically this powder can be have by any anyone.

Almonds are very well known for the development of helps to boost our in minerals, vitamins which also helps our skin to glow. Cashews rich in copper, calcium and cashew also boost our immunity. Flax seeds Omega-3 essential fatty acid. its a GOOD fatty acid.Its also best in weight loss. Broken wheat are high in protein and low in calories. It improves the digestion and also its a good source of

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Healthy Oats Wrap

Healthy oats wrap Healthy Oats Wrap, one of my very best and easy dish for breakfast. Oats wrap recipe made of oats and lots of vegetables.

As very much known oats are the basic food as its comes to health, weight loss and dieting. Healthy oats warp is so simple, easy and quick to make that with no minutes its ready. people having busy schedule can make the stuffing and preserve in fridge, so that you can make it when ever you want. Sometimes when i get some vegetables left over in my fridge i make this healthy wrap.

Oats takes very less oil to get cooked, so its less oily and vegetables mixture are half cooked it also do not take much oil.

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Carrot Beetroot Juice

Carrot betroot juiceCarrot Beetroot Juice is very high in folic acid and manganese. This  juice recipe is very healthy. Beetroot and carrot juice recipe play good role in weight loss. Also amla is best ingredient for weight loss and good hair.

Carrot Beetroot juice preparation is very simple. Its preferred to be taken in morning empty stomach. After having this juice you will feel very active whole day. Its very energetic drink.

This juice contains lots of vitamins, make sure to have this drink as soon as its made to gain the all nutrients value.

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Veg Mayonnaise Toast Sandwich recipe

Final Veg Mayonnaise Toast Sandwich recipe, the creamy taste of mayonnaise is one of my favorite. After trying it in restaurant i was so fallen in love with the mayo and mustard sauce taste that the next day i planned to make it for my family at home. On the very next day i got the plain mayonnaise and mustard sauce from market.

I got the plain mayo as i wanted to add my own taste into it. I added garlic as m big fan of garlic. some dry spices and made the super yummy taste mayo paste. My own flavor mayo sandwich idea i got when i saw plain eggless  mayo in

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