Strawberry, Black Grapes Juice Recipe

juiceJuice Strawberry, Black Grapes recipe is a lovely combination which has beautiful taste. This drink can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. This drink is full of dietary fibers, Vitamin C, Antioxidant, energy booster and much more…

The first is Strawberries, this heart shape fruit gives the idea that this fruit is so healthy. This juicy fruit is enriched with full vitamins, fiber and lots…. It’s not only good for eyes but also helps to boost our immune system. As it is high in vitamin C it is good during Cancer. It helps to build our brain function, heart diseases, and blood pressure too and the list goes on.

Next is Black grapes, black grapes are the super cool fruit which you ca have

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Kiwi Pomegranate Crush

Kiwi Pomegranate Crush   Kiwi Pomegranate Crush, Natural sweet juice. The combination of Pomegranate and kiwi with a punch of lemon. Sweet and tangy taste drink make your mood fresh. Morning drink you can have after heavy workout, walk or yoga 🙂

Pomegranate is a super food for good skin, Hair, and health. It has lots of nutritional values like Vitamin A, C, E, minerals, Potassium, Calcium and lots more. Pomegranate in blood circulation reduces a risk of cancer, boosts your immunity. It is also good for skin and hair growth. Same way Kiwi also has many nutritional values high in vitamin C, Sleep Inducer, Good source of Dietary Fiber, High in digestion list keep on going…

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Kadha (Herbal drink)

kadhaHerbal drink to consume in cold. While monsoon it’s the best drink to have. Herbal drink / Kadha is a drink where herbs and spices are boiled in proper manner to get proper extract of the spices.  Basically the ingredients are so simple that you can easily get in kitchen.  Its best because you can consume it anytime. Make it and have it multiple times in a  day as tea, just make sure you heat it before you have it.

This kadha contains ginger, cinnamon, tulsi/basil, black pepper etc… which helps to get recover from cold and Throat infection. During our childhood my mom use to give this drink all time even at fever. Because this drink helps to heal from inside and gets our digestion properly which is quiet important during weakness.

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Spinach juice recipe – Detoxifying drink for weight loss

spinach-juiceDetoxifying drink Spinach juice recipe. Spinach is low in fat even low in calories. it has lots of vitamins best known for Iron. Apples are extremely rich in antioxidant and dietary fiber. It helps reducing hypertension, cancer, diabetes and lots more. Beetroots lower the blood pressure and higher the blood flow.Mango lower the cholesterol, helps in glowing our skin and also gives natural sweetness and tangy taste in drinks.

These combined things helps lot in many ways. the Detoxifying drink i made from all this helps our body to get detoxified. Its the best detoxification juice which not only help you to lose weight also helps in many other ways like its clean your body in morning very well which makes you feel very light and fresh.

People looking for weight loss must take this drink 4 times in week and you will find lots of changes. Workout and healthy diet works very well but this cleansing juice helps to throw out you body waste.

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Watermelon Coconut Juice

watermelon-coconut-juiceRefreshing juice. No added sugar, no added color  😀  yes this lovely pink color juice is naturally sweet and the best refreshing drink for this hot summer. As it adds only 3 ingredients which are all time healthy during summer or any season.

Its the squeezed watermelon with coconut water and the tangy punch of lime. the sweetness of drinks is only by the coconut water and melon. Its a perfect drink, with sweet smooth and tangy taste.

Watermelon juice is best for the blood flow, it contains vitamins and minerals. its Anti-inflammatory juice and its also great in weight loss. Coconut water rich in nutrients, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many more….

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Guava Juice

6 Guava Juice, simple and best juice recipe. As per Wikipedia are common tropical fruit cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions. Besides its unique flavor and fragrance,guava has been hailed as one of the super fruits due to the numerous health benefits it offers. It indeed is a powerhouse of nutrients. “This humble fruit is extraordinarily rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants that are beneficial for skin.

Its mostly founded in Winter season. As its have lots of seeds into it sometime its really irritate to have it. so hunting out for some good solution i thought for the juice. Simple , quick and tummy filling.

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Beetroot Juice

12 Beetroot juice is very high in folic acid and manganese. This beetroot juice recipe is very healthy. Beetroot juice recipe play good role in weight loss

Beetroot juice preparation is very simple. Its preferred to be taken in morning empty stomach. After having this juice you will feel very active whole day. Its very energetic drink.

The Combination of beetroot and tomato gives its authentic taste.  enjoy it with your friends and family and be healthy.

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Healthy Tiranga Drink

Health drink    Health Drink, Tiranga  drink is yummy and healthy drink. The color  green, white and saffron  I took inspired me  from Indian Flag color. I made it on special occasion of Independence Day, kids of my society liked it so much and enjoyed this drink without knowing that it has such healthy vegetables in it.

The simple three color drink is natural as its has spinach juice, carrot juice and lemon juice. In this you will find 3 easy steps to make three different drinks and combining three of them makes the mouthwatering drink.

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Watermelon Crush

watermelon crushWatermelon is a one and first fruit we always have during summer season. As we all know watermelon is full of water and it has high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories. its refreshing quality and light sweet taste boost us during summer season and its a very healthy and calorie free for kids and adults. This watermelon crush recipe is very easy and good for all season. you can enjoy making it with kids too and present it to your guest on any occasion any time. So enjoy the yummy drink.

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