Strawberry, Black Grapes Juice Recipe

juiceJuice Strawberry, Black Grapes recipe is a lovely combination which has beautiful taste. This drink can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. This drink is full of dietary fibers, Vitamin C, Antioxidant, energy booster and much more…

The first is Strawberries, this heart shape fruit gives the idea that this fruit is so healthy. This juicy fruit is enriched with full vitamins, fiber and lots…. It’s not only good for eyes but also helps to boost our immune system. As it is high in vitamin C it is good during Cancer. It helps to build our brain function, heart diseases, and blood pressure too and the list goes on.

Next is Black grapes, black grapes are the super cool fruit which you ca have any time. it is a juicy fruit with tremendous benefits like it is good for hair, skin. It helps in controlling blood sugar, helps in weight loss and also protects against infection and inflammation. Mint leaves give it a good punch of flavor and take it towards more healthy level.

So the combination of all these ingredients makes a super healthy drink which you can enjoy anytime anywhere. Consuming it in morning will help you to boost up and give you full day energy. Best juice if you’re on diet. So do follow the super yummy drink recipe and enjoy 🙂

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COURSE: Beverage

SERVINGS: 1 Glass 

TIME:   5 mins



Strawberries 1 cup

Black Grapes 1 cup

Honey 2 tsp

Mint leaves



  1. Nicely wash, cut strawberries and Black grapes.


Black grapes, Strawberry, mint leaves and Honey
Black grapes, Strawberry, mint leaves and Honey


2. Add all ingredients into juicer jar.


Add into juicer
Add into juicer


3. blend it well and make juice, add water if you feel.


Grind it
Grind it


4. Take the serving glass add some strawberry, black grapes pieces and crush them.


Serving bottle add few pieces
Serving bottle add few pieces


5. Pour the juice and serve it chilled.


pour juice and serve
pour juice and serve


  • Khatija

    April 2, 2017

    Great…good juice indeed

    • Dadi Ki Handi

      April 3, 2017

      Thanks a lot, Dear 🙂


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