Nutella Fruity Sandwich Recipe

Nutella Fruity Sandwich  

Nutella Fruity Sandwich, creamy super delight sandwich full with lots of fruits of your choice. Nutella fruity sandwich is the best desert for party time. You can also have it as breakfast. It is loaded with Nutella, butter, marshmallow and fruits.

It is so easy to make that kid ca also participate to make it. For kids safety, you can grill them or make them in a toaster. I love cooking whenever I get time from my busy schedule and this quick recipe helps me to get not only my taste but also helps me to be a star Chef in all our family functions.

I was starving an evening and found some leftover bread slices in the fridge, then searched for some more I got all these ingredients which you can easily get in the kitchen. Then I assembled them together and here the magic 😀

Nutella fruity sandwich tats so yummy and crunchy Ii had it full the melted marshmallow mixed with Nutella and butter give an awesome taste.

I am in so much love with this dish that I am planning it to make for my New Year Party and😀 I bet my guest will also love it. Will make more small pieces and dazzle them with honey or serve with Ice cream.


So if you also wanna be star chef in your party so please follow wonderful steps and create this magic 🙂

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COURSE:  Sweets/ Breakfast

SERVINGS: 2 Sandwiches

TIME:  TOTAL TIME: 20 mins

                PREP TIME: 10 mins 

                COOK TIME: 10 mins




Bread slices 4









  1. First will collect all ingredients together.
  2.  Nutella, Marshmallow’s, Pomegranate and chopped Banana.


Marshmallow's , Pomegranate, Banana chopped and Nutella.
Marshmallow’s, Pomegranate, Banana chopped and Nutella.


3. Now take the bread slices. I am using brown bread here. It is up to you any bread you can use.


Brown Bread Slices
Brown Bread Slices


4. Now will take Butter and keep it at room temperature so that we can easily apply them.


Room temperature Butter
Room temperature Butter


5. Apply room temperature butter on all bread slices.


Apply butter
Apply butter


6. Now will apply Nutella on 2 slices. Apply them as per your taste.


Apply nutella
Apply Nutella


7. Now will place chopped banana on one Nutella slice and pomegranate on other Nutella.

8. Fruits you can take as per your choice. Orange, Apple, Strawberries or any other berries you can use.


Place chopped banana and pomegranate on bread slices
Place chopped banana and pomegranate on bread slices


9. Next very important part Marshmallows. I love when it gets melt and becomes creamy.


Add Marshmallows
Add Marshmallows


10. Now cover the marshmallow’s slices with butter bread.


Cover with other bread
Cover with other bread


11. Apply some more butter above the bread so that they gets more crispy.


Apply butter over bread
Apply butter over bread


12. Last will heat a pan and on medium or lower flame will toast this sandwich.


Toast it
Toast it


13. Flip it when gets golden brown and bake from another side too.

14. Make sure our marshmallow gets melted.


Bake it till gets golden brown from both side.
Bake it till gets golden brown from both sides


15. As its done will cut them and garnish with some grated chocolates 😀


Garnish with grated chocolates
Garnish with grated chocolates




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