Ragi (finger millet) chutney

ragi-chutney Ragi Chutney, (finger millet)  is been very well known for “Super Cereal” that control diabetes, cancer and lots more.

Finger millet / nachni has a very high protein content, its rich in source of minerals, it has anti – microbial properties. Research also says it has anti – cancer potential. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol and keeps you young.

When i got to know so many benefits about Finger millet / nachni i searched for the best recipe i can make. mostly people make Ragi malt,  dosa or  ladoo. As thinking something different i planed to make some raw tangy dish of ragi as i liked it raw taste very much.

Ragi dosa recipe is one of very famous dish but i thought why not to make plain dosa and have yummy chutney. so using some taste sense i tried this chutney and it came so well that my all family members where tempting to have this wonderful chutney 😀

Do follow quick, easy and very simple steps and go for the tangy tasty chutney 🙂



COURSE:  Lunch

SERVINGS: 4 – 5 

TIME:  5 mins




1 cup Ragi/Nachni/Finger millet

1 cup Curd

1 inch Ginger

5 – 6 Garlic cloves

Mint leaves

6 – 7 Green chilies

Curry leaves

1 tsp Rai/ Mustard seeds

1 tsp Oil

Salt as per taste




  1. Starting with chutney will soak Ragi/Nachni/Finger millet for atlest 2 – 3 hrs.


Soaked ragi
Soaked ragi


2. Till our ragi getting soaked will peel garlic and ginger.

3. After few hrs will drain ragi and in mixer jar will combine are all ingredients.

4. Add ragi, garlic, ginger, green chilies, mint leaves and salt as per taste.


In mixer jar add ragi,ginger,garlic, green chilies and mint leaves
In mixer jar add ragi,ginger,garlic, green chilies and mint leaves


5. Make fine paste of ragi and other ingredients.

6. Whisk the curd properly and transfer it in to big bowl.


One cup curd
One cup curd


7. Now add the ragi paste into curd. curd should be taken as per the ragi paste. Mix it well and make sure no lumps should be left.

8. If you want u can use hung curd too.

9. I have used normal sour curd so that chutney can be tangy taste.


Mix ragi mixture and curd
Mix ragi mixture and curd


10. Now will give tadka to chutney. Take kadhchi/ big spoon put 1 tsp oil and heat it on gas.

11. This the traditional way of giving tadka to chutney i learnt from my mom, my mom learnt from her mom 😀


Heat oil
Heat oil


12. While doing this be careful. now as the oil gets hot will add mustard seeds and curry leaves.

13. Off the flame immediately, so that curry eaves dnt get burn.


Add rai and curry leaves
Add rai and curry leaves


14. Now pour the oil into ragi mixture and mix it well.


Pour it into ragi mixture
Pour it into ragi mixture


15. Garnish it with mint leaves and serve it chill with Dosa, Chilla or any Paratha 🙂


Garnish with mint leave
Garnish with mint leave



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