Spinach juice recipe – Detoxifying drink for weight loss

spinach-juiceDetoxifying drink Spinach juice recipe. Spinach is low in fat even low in calories. it has lots of vitamins best known for Iron. Apples are extremely rich in antioxidant and dietary fiber. It helps reducing hypertension, cancer, diabetes and lots more. Beetroots lower the blood pressure and higher the blood flow.Mango lower the cholesterol, helps in glowing our skin and also gives natural sweetness and tangy taste in drinks.

These combined things helps lot in many ways. the Detoxifying drink i made from all this helps our body to get detoxified. Its the best detoxification juice which not only help you to lose weight also helps in many other ways like its clean your body in morning very well which makes you feel very light and fresh.

People looking for weight loss must take this drink 4 times in week and you will find lots of changes. Workout and healthy diet works very well but this cleansing juice helps to throw out you body waste.

Makes sure when you have this drink have more water.

I used mint leaves too because its great appetizer, its helps from inflammation which sometime occurs due to acidity. Its also adds a fresh flavor in drink and make a refreshing drink. The sweetness we get is natural from apple and mango.  So looking for a best start in morning go and grab this mix flavor Detoxifying drink  and boost your day. enjoy 🙂



COURSE:  Beverage 


TIME TIME : 5 mins



1 cup Spinach

1 Apple

1 Mango

1 Beetroot

Few mint leaves



  1. Wash and clean spinach, apple, mango and mint leaves and peel beetroot.


Spinach, Beetroot, Apple, Mango and Mint leaves
Spinach, Beetroot, Apple, Mango and Mint leaves


2. Now chop them in normal size. peel mango too and if you want then peel apple too.


Cut big size Spinach, Beetroot, Apple, Mango and Mint leaves
Cut big size Spinach, Beetroot, Apple, Mango and Mint leaves


3. Transfer everything in mixer jar add little water.


Add everything in mixer jar
Add everything in mixer jar


4. Grind it finely make nice paste and strain if you want to or else its good too have as it is.

Strain and garnish
Make paste


5. Add water as per your choice. Garnish with mint leave and ready to serve.


Strain and garnish



  • sera

    July 4, 2016

    really awsum ,,, a big thanks for sharing

    • Dadi Ki Handi

      July 6, 2016

      Thanks Dear 🙂

  • Shubha Mathur

    June 10, 2016

    Wow, great drink to detox body
    Should it be taken empty stomach. .? Or at any time. .

    • Dadi Ki Handi

      June 11, 2016

      Thanks Shubha ji, mostly it should be taken in morning but rest can have any time 🙂


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