Healthy Powder

healthy-powderHealthy Powder, a powder with only 4 important ingredients and is a full pack of health and power. This powder can be given to babies, kids, adult, old age people basically this powder can be have by any anyone.

Almonds are very well known for the development of helps to boost our in minerals, vitamins which also helps our skin to glow. Cashews rich in copper, calcium and cashew also boost our immunity. Flax seeds Omega-3 essential fatty acid. its a GOOD fatty acid.Its also best in weight loss. Broken wheat are high in protein and low in calories. It improves the digestion and also its a good source of energy.

Now imagine the combine benefits of this 4 ingredients will keep your body full of energy. This powder can be used in many ways, as my sister doesn’t like the plain taste of milk and she also do not like powders from market i tried an experiment and make her drink milk mixing this healthy powder. she liked it a lot. even you can sprinkle this powder in your salad, sprouts and also over butter bread its too yummy.

So try this my very own tried and tested recipe and do let us know about it, enjoy 🙂




TIME:  TOTAL TIME : 10 mins

                PREP TIME: 5 mins

                COOK TIME: 5 mins



2 tsp Almonds

2 tsp Broken Wheat (Daliya)

2 tsp Cashews

2 tsp Flax seeds

2 tsp Mishari (crystallized sugar)




  1. First will collect all our best healthy ingredients almonds, cashews, broken wheat (daliya) and flax seeds.


Almonds,Cashew nuts,broken wheat, Flex seeds
Almonds,Cashew nuts,broken wheat, Flax seeds



2. Heat a pan and roast all ingredients one by one till they gets golden in color.


Almonds,Cashew nuts,broken wheat, Flax seeds
Roasted Almonds,Cashew nuts,broken wheat, Flex seeds


3. Now add all roasted ingredients and sugar in mixture grinder and make fine powder of it.

4. Make sure do not grind much or the almonds will start releasing oil.


Dry fruits powder

5. Store them in tight container and keep it in fridge. you can use this powder for 1 months 🙂





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