Choco Truffle

13 Choco truffle, delicious and best sweets for parties and festivals.

Chocolate truffle is curved shaped confectionery sweet filled inside with chocolates, nuts, fruits and many more. Its super delicious recipe. The dark chocolate gives it royal taste. When we freeze hem and get the final product is so mouthwatering that you cant resist yourself without having it.

This choco truffle will melts so smoothly into mouth and gives heavenly taste. Simple , easy recipe to be made with kids. While making it kids too enjoy the simple and easy process. As the all ingredients are so simple it can be prepared by the kids too.

Enjoy the smooth, authentic Choco truffle, serve them in parties, festivals and also you can gift them to your friends.

For the yummy recipe do follow the simple steps given below with perfect pictures. Enjoy 🙂



COURSE:  Sweets 

SERVINGS: 10 – 11


                PREP TIME: 15 mins

                Freeze TIME: 3 – 4 hrs



1 cup roasted dry fruits (Almond, Cashew, Walnut)

1 pomegranate

150 grams Dark chocolate (any chocolate bar)

30 grams Chocos (kellogg’s chocos)

Chocolate tray or any mould



  1. Staring with the chocolate, will chop the chocolate and melt them in oven or double boiler.




2. Now roast the dry fruits on low flame and chop them finely.





3. Peel the pomegranate and keep it aside. Now the preparation part.

4. Also take chocos in separate plate.




5. During this step you can involve your kids, so that they can also enjoy making this we you.




6. Now get the all things together and lets start the assembling step.

7. Will first lightly grease the chocolate tray.



8. Sprinkle some chopped dry fruits on the base of chocolate tray.




9. Now pour the melted chocolate over dry fruits, while pouring make sure to half fill the mould.




10. Now place the chocos on the chocolate and try to give it a bowl shape.




11. Now place 3 -4 pomegranate seed inside the chocos.




12. Now place one chocos over the top and cover the pomegranate.




13. Now will pour the rest melted chocolate over the chocos and make sure you cover all sides properly.




14. Last will sprinkle some chopped dry fruits over the chocolates. Give a little tap to the tray, so that the chocolates get set.




15.  Now keep the tray in freezer for 3 – 4 hrs.

16. After 4 hrs demould the chocolates and served chilled in parties.





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      December 26, 2015

      Thanks dear 🙂


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