Red Chili Garlic Sandwich

 10 Red chili garlic sandwich recipe, its main punch is the red chili garlic paste/chutney recipe. its simple, quick and so easy to make. the spiciness of chutney totally depends on your taste. This chutney can be used in many other dishes. you can preserve it in fridge and use them any time.

Ingredients of this red chili garlic paste is so simple, only 4 ingredients garlic, red chili powder , salt and curd then you can enjoy the yummy paste.

Applying this chutney in sandwich gives the yummy flavor to sandwich.  The combination or grilled vegetables, cheese and this red chili garlic paste gives the sandwich a heavenly taste.

The super cool sandwich with simple ingredients and quick steps given below try it and enjoy the hot , spicy sandwich.

COURSE:   Breakfast


TIME:  TOTAL TIME : 20 mins

                PREP TIME: 15 mins

                COOK TIME: 5 mins



1 bunch of garlic

2 tsp red chili powder (as per your taste)

1 spoon curd (optional)

1 onion

1 tomato

1 capsicum

4 slice bread



Salt to taste



  1. Starting with garlic, will take bunch of garlic peel them well.
  2. Now take a mixture grinder add the garlic , red chili powder and salt as per taste.

1 2


3. Now will add 1 spoon curd into it and grind them well and make a fine paste.

4. Will remove the red chili garlic paste in a small bowl and keep them aside.

5. After that will slice the onion, tomato and capsicum. the choice of vegetable into sandwich is totally yours, you can add cucumber, beetroot, carrot to make it more healthy. i used what i got in my fridge.

3 4


6. Next step the assembling part will take the 2  bread slice, apply butter on both bread one side.

7. From that take one bread and apply the red garlic paste over it.

8. Then place the veggies on one bread.

5 6


9. Now will spread the cheese over the veggies and cover them with the other bread slice.


7 8


10. Last but very important step grill the sandwich.

11. repeat the same with other bread slice.


9 10



12. Serve them hot with tomato sauce.



a. The red chili garlic paste we have made is the main ingredient of this sandwich.

b. This paste can be used in various stuffs , you can add it into any vegetable , or any rice.

c. Make them and keep them in a air tight jar, place them in fridge you can use them for many days.


13. Enjoy the red chili garlic sandwich with hot coffee or tea on breakfast.




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