Methi Soya Paratha

23 Methi Soya paratha healthy paratha. Methi soya paratha is super healthy paratha for all healthy freaks. this paratha is low calorie paratha as its contain soya , methi and oil we using also olive oil. The dough is of methi and the inner stuffing of paratha is filled with yummy nutrition soya mixture.

As i am big fan of soya, so planned to make something different for lunch with soya. the ingredients used are simple and easy to get normally in kitchen. the soya chunks are high

in proteins. Eating this paratha will give the yummy taste with a healthy benefits.

Spices in the mixture of soya can be balanced as per your taste. serve them hot with delicious raita or achaar/pickle.

Do enjoy the yummy for tummy dish with simple step by step pictures and enjoy and stay healthy.




Soya methi paratha








COURSE:  Breakfast / Lunch


TIME:  TOTAL TIME : 40 mins

                PREP TIME: 20 mins

                COOK TIME: 20 mins


1 bowl Soya chunks

1 bunch Methi /Fenugreek leaves

1 bowl Wheat flour

3 tsp red chili powder

Pinch of asafoetida

2 small Capsicum

Coriander leaves

5 Gralic cloves

Salt as per taste

Olive Oil



  1. Starting with first step will soak the soya chuks for 1 hr.
  2. Till our soya chunks getting soaked will clean the Fenugreek/methi leaves. wash them well and chop them.
  3. After 1 hr will drain the soya chunk and give them a good wash, so that the raw smell will get off.




4. Now will make methi dough. In a big mixing bowl will take the chopped methi leaves, wheat flour, pinch of asafoetida, 1 tsp red chili powder and salt.




5. Mix them well and make a nice dough same as we make for our normal roti.

6. Keep it aside for 10 mins so the dough get set.




7. Now will make garlic paste, in a mixture grinder jar add garlic, red chili powder and salt.

8. Grind it finely and make fine paste, you can add very little amount of water if required.

9. Now in the same jar will grind the soaked soya chunks nicely.




10. Now will chop the capsicum and coriander leaves and keep them aside.




11. Now place a kadhai on gas, add 1 tsp oil.




12. As the oil get heat lower the flame add chopped capsicum and red chili and garlic paste.




13. Higher the flame mix them well and let the capsicum get little soft.




14. Now when our capsicum are done will add the grinded soya chunks, chopped coriander leaves and add salt as per taste.




15. Mix them pretty well and cook them for 5 mins on low flame.




16. Now the paratha makingg time.

17. Take the good amount of methi dough make the balls and with rolling pin roll them like roti.



18. Place one table spoon soya mixture over the methi dough.




19. If you don’t have methi you can also make in normal dough. i tried with both.

20. Take the plain wheat flour dough and same make the roti from it.




21. Place the soya mixture same as we did for methi dough.




22. Now fold the roti from all sides and make ball again.




23. Again with the rolling pin will roll the stuffed ball.

24. Place a pan or tawa on heat, put the paratha over it.




25. Bake it from one side, as it gets little brown from one side flip it.




26. Apply oil over the baked side. After few seconds again flip the paratha and apply the oil.

27. If you want you can also use butter for making paratha.



28. Repeat the same with all parathas and make yummy methi soya paratha.




29. Serve them hot with raita.











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