Wheat Wrap

13Wheat wrap/ Tortillas  healthy recipe is same like veg sandwich. Wheat wrap recipe is simple, easy and healthy recipe. the healthy ingredients into it is calorie free.

Wheat tortillas is like full bag of yummy vegetable stuff lots of fiber and nutrition. The base is of fermented wheat flour, which gives it the soft and delicious base. The more value adds the white sauce which is very simple and easy to make. The soft base and crunchy vegetables makes this wraps /Tortillas.

First time i made this Tortillas gave me such nice experience. I served it during new year party as starter. It was been appreciated by every one. So you also try and serve to friends and family.


COURSE:  Breakfast



                PREP TIME: 40 mins

                COOK TIME: 20 mins


For dough :  2 cup Wheat flour

1/2 tsp dry yeast

2 tsp oil

Salt as per taste

For stuffing : 1/2 cup grated Carrot

1/2 cup sliced Capsicum

1/2 cup sliced Spring onion

1 tsp chopped Garlic

1/2 cup Onion

Grated Cheese optional

Square size cut Cabbage

1 tsp Red chili powder or as per taste

Salt as per tsate

For white sauce : 2 cup Curd

1 table spoon all purpose flour


1 table spoon paneer

1 tsp black pepper

Salt as per taste




  1. Starting with the fermentation of dough. In a small bowl take 2 tsp warm water and add 1/2 tsp dry yeast into it and let it get dissolve.
  2. Mean while will take wheat flour in a mixing bowl and add salt as per taste, mix the dry ingredients well.
  3. Now make well into wheat flour add oil and yeast water, with help of more water will knead the dough properly and cover it and keep it aside for 2 hrs.
  4. Till our dough getting fermented will make our stuffing.
  5. Chop all vegetables you want for stuffing.
  6. In a pan heat oil, add chopped garlic. Stir well and let it cook for 2 mins.
  7. Now add all vegetables into it and add red chili powder and salt as per taste.
  8. Higher the flame and cook the veggies well.
  9. Let the vegetable be little raw, now off the flame and keep the vegetables aside.
  10. Now cut the cabbage in big square size and sprinkle some salt.









11. Now will be heading towards our white sauce.

12. Take mixer jar pour the curd and paneer into it. Now grind it well.

13. Heat a pan pour the curd and paneer mixture into it. lower the flame and keep string the mixture.

14. Now in small bowl take little water and mix the all purpose flour and pour into the mixture.

15. Now keep stirring so that the flour wont get stick to bottom.

16. After few mins you will find the mixture will get thick that time add salt and black pepper as per taste.

17. mix it well and off the flame.

18. As our both process is done, will give a check to dough.

19. After 2 hrs you will see dough has got well fermented.



20. Now heat tava on high flame. Take small portion of fermented dough and make balls.

21. Now with the help of rolling pin roll the balls and give them roti shape.

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22. Now as same we make paratha place the roti on hot tava and bake it from one side.

23. You will find the small bubbles coming as this dough is fermented, that time flip the roti and apply ghee or oil over         it.

24. Repeat same with the other side too.

25. when you feel both side re well cooked place them on plate and repeat the same with other dough.

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26. Now the assembling part take the paratha, white sauce and stuffing veggies.

27. Apply white sauce over the paratha, then place the square cut cabbage on half side of paratha.

28. Then with help of spoon put veggies over it.

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29. Now sprinkle some cheese on the top. Cheese is totally optional, if you want you can avoid.

30. Now with gentle hand roll the paratha properly, make sure veggies should not drop down.



31. Repeat same with process with other paratha too.

32. Serve them hot with tomato sauce and enjoy.

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