5 Ingredients Cake



With only 5 ingredients, you can have this yummy delicious cake. This cake is fermented and take little time but the sponginess and taste comes out so well, that anyone one can fall in love with this tempting dessert.



COURSE :  Sweet




1 ½ cup all purpose flour

1 cup powder sugar

½ tsp baking powder


Chocolate syrup














This cake is made in different process, so for this cake we need to prepare the dove at morning so that it gets well fermented.

  1. First in a mixing bowl mix all the dry ingredients. With help of your hand mix it properly.
  2. Now add melted butter and give a mix.
  3. When you feel all ingredients are mixed well, now add water and keen the dove.
  4. Dove should be little sticky. Don’t keen it much.
  5. Now cover the dove with lid and keep it aside.
  6. Let the dove get fermented for atlest 2 hrs.
  7. After 2 hrs give a check to the dove, you will find the dove has raised its double.
  8. Then keen it again for once. If you feel it’s very sticky then sprinkle some all purpose flour and keen it.
  9. Now make the dove into two parts and keep it aside.
  10. Now take a cake pan in which you are going to bake the cake, grease the pan with butter.
  11. Now take the dove roll in with the rolling pin and make big roti of it.
  12. As your big roti is done spread the chocolate syrup on top and roll the roti and place them into the cake pan.
  13. Now repeat the same process with other left over dove.
  14. Roll it, spread the chocolate syrup then give it a roll and place them over the first roll.
  15. If you want you can also sprinkle the roasted chopped dry fruits, and instead of chocolate syrup can also spread nuterlla or any jam.
  16. Now let the rolled dove get set, so cover them and keep them aside for more 1 hr.
  17. After 1 hr you will see the both rolled dove will get little more raised.
  18. Now set your cooker on gas place a bowl into it. Heat the cooker for 5 mins on high flame.
  19. Now place the cake pan over the bowl and cover the cooker with it lid
  20. Make sure you remove the whistle and rubber from the lid.
  21. Now lower the flame and let it get baked slowly slowly.
  22. It will almost take 1 hr to get baked.
  23. As it’s done you will find the dove has changed from cream color to brown color.
  24. Now when you feel it’s done. Take out the cake pan and let it gets cool.
  25. Now with the help of knife move it on the edges and remove cake in a serving plate.
  26. If you want you can decorate the cake with wiped cream or chocolate.
  27. Give it a cut and when you will give a cut to the cake you will see the rolled layers inside the cake.
  28. Now serve it hot or chilled.


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