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June 2015

Soya Chunk

soya chunkAs we all know Soya chunks are very healthy as it is extremely high in protein, it is rich in protein diet. it is good for the people who are very conscious about their diet. this Soyachunks dish you can sever for breakfast and dinner too as its very light. Also you can menu it in your general cocktail parties.

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pancakeThis yummy pancakes are made of oats and besan. its healthy as oats are filled with cholesterol fighting soluble fiber and highly nutritious and its been made in very little oil. people who are bored with their daily diet food can try this and enjoy it.

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Oats and Dalia Idli

Oats idli


Normal rice n dal idli are common, so thought to make something interesting with my daily diet which is oats and dalia. so here it came with very easy and healthy breakfast. Oats and Dalia Idli.

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Chocolate Rolls

choco roll


No bake, Yummy Choco rolls for your kids and their battalion. easy to cook even with your kids. if your kids love cooking they can easy make this Chocolate rolls.

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