Watermelon Crush

watermelon crushWatermelon is a one and first fruit we always have during summer season. As we all know watermelon is full of water and it has high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories. its refreshing quality and light sweet taste boost us during summer season and its a very healthy and calorie free for kids and adults. This watermelon crush recipe is very easy and good for all season. you can enjoy making it with kids too and present it to your guest on any occasion any time. So enjoy the yummy drink.

COURSE : Beverage
TIME : 5 mins

watermelon crush1 Slice of Watermelon
Soft Drink (any soft drink can do)
1 tsp Black pepper powder
1 tsp Black salt
2-3 Mint leaves
Ice cubes




First cut the 1 slice of watermelon in rough size, keep two to three pieces aside. Now take a juicer or mixer grinder put the rest cutted watermelon into it and grind it properly. if you want you can grind it roughly also. Now add some Ice cubes and just give 2 second grind. if you want you can add crushed ice also.Now pour the grinded watermelon juice in a glass. make sure the seeds of watermelon should not get into it, for that you can filter the juice in big bowl and then pour it. the  juice should be 1/4th. Now add your favorite softdrink (you can also use soda) in the juice glass. sprinkle pinch of black pepper and black salt over it. Now the watermelon pieces we kept before place them on the top and garnish it with mint leave. sever it with more ice and enjoy.