Fruit Modak

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On the very Special festival Ganesh Chaturti for full 7 to 11 days we enjoy the festival with our friends, families and Ganesh ji. As we all known ganesh ji is very big fan of Modak. Fruit modak recipe is different as it is not steamed, it is fried and fully enriched with fruits and dry fruits. So you can enjoy this different Modak with friends, families and Ganpatti Bappa.

The modak filling is so simple and can all ingredients cann be found at home easily.enjoy the modakam and Ganpati Bappa morya……

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COURSE : Sweets
TIME : 40 mins

3/4 th All purpose flour (Maida)
2 spoon Sesame seeds (White Til)
1 small cup Pomegranate
1/2 small cup Guava
1/2 smll cup Apple
1 cup roasted mix dry fruits
1 normal size coconut
3/4 th Jagery (Gud)
Oil for fry.

Note : Please note if in any case you can skip the Fruits or dry Fruits can also  make it plain with coconut filling also.

1. Firstly cut all the fruits in small size and mix it with pomegranate.

2. Now roast all the dry fruits and crush them and mix in fruits bowl and keep it aside.
3. Now in big plate (paraat) or big bowl put all purpose flour (Maida) and 2 tsp oil and make the dough with the help of lukewarm water.

4. Make the soft dough same as we make for roti. with the help of oil the dough will get more soft and while frying it will get well crispy.

5. After the dough is done cover it with wet cloth and keep t aside.
6. Now take the coconut and grind it in finely in a mixer and keep aside.
7. Take a normal size pan heat it on higher flame as it gets hot put 2 spoon Sesame (White Til) and roast it till it gets golden brown color, please note Sesame seeds pops lot on hot surface so lower the flame and if required cover it with lead and keep checking it should not burn.

8. please be careful while cooking dont let it hurt yourself. Now as the seeds are done add graded coconut into it and mix it well. keep the flame on lower.

9. As the coconut gets hot it will start losing little water from it so add jagery into it. u can crush the jagery before putting. now gently mix the coconut and jagery so that it get mixed well.

10. stir it and as the mixture turns into thick form higher the flame and stir it for more 4-5 mins and off the flame, while string please make sure it should not stick to pan. Now keep this mixture aside.
11. Now take the maida dough make small size balls from it. now make very thin roties of the balls. its should be little transparent. as per the measurement 20 – 21 small size rotis should be prepared.
12. Now take one roti and with the help of spoon place the coconut mixture and fruits mixture over it.if you want you can mix both mixture first and then put it.

13. Now gently collect all the sides of roti and give the stuffed maida roti modak shape. Just collect it join all the sides and twist it to one side.

14. Please make sure it should not get tear, or it will not get fried properly. Now stuff all the maida rotis with same process and give it a modak shape.

modak 1modak 3

15. while making this keep a fry pan with oil to fry on high flame.
16. After all the modaks are ready, check the oil is well hot. Now fry the modaks one by one and shallow fry it utill it get little brown.
17. As all done off the flame and place the modak in plate and serve it hot.

 modak 2