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June 2015

Veg Saag

Veg Saag is healthy and full of nourished vegetables. Its yummy and mostly liked by the kids too. Veg Saag is quick, easy and simple dish. any vegetables at your home can be use.

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Palak Jhol

Palak (Sipanch) is has a very healthy helps to Control your blood sugar level, its gives control on cholesterol and even very good for our skin. Basically it should be serve in Dinner as its very light. Palak Jhol is very healthy dish, it can be sever to any age person. its masala free and oil free.

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Kale Chane Pakora

In India pakora’s are special dish on any occasion rather its kids party, marriage or any other parties. It is even popular street food. Its very much popular during rainy season. Hot n Spicy pakora with yummy chatney.

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Fruit Modak

modak 2

On the very Special festival Ganesh Chaturti for full 7 to 11 days we enjoy the festival with our friends, families and Ganesh ji. As we all known ganesh ji is very big fan of Modak. Fruit modak recipe is different as it is not steamed, it is fried and fully enriched with fruits and dry fruits. So you can enjoy this different Modak with friends, families and Ganpatti Bappa.

The modak filling is so simple and can all ingredients cann be found at home easily.enjoy the modakam and Ganpati Bappa morya……

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Chole in Shimla

Chole in Shimla is very unique dish. the stuffing of chole masala is wat the different from other bharwan shimla. The chole masala stuffing should be equal spicy and sour. enjoy the yummy Chole in Shimla.

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Keri ki Lunji

Keri ki LunjiKeri ki Lunji is very quick and simple dish. you can call it as Keri ki chatney or sabji. its is rich in spice and sweet taste. This dish is specially to have on summer season. as we get best raw mangoes in market. So enjoy the yummy dish.

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Watermelon Crush

watermelon crushWatermelon is a one and first fruit we always have during summer season. As we all know watermelon is full of water and it has high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories. its refreshing quality and light sweet taste boost us during summer season and its a very healthy and calorie free for kids and adults. This watermelon crush recipe is very easy and good for all season. you can enjoy making it with kids too and present it to your guest on any occasion any time. So enjoy the yummy drink.

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